Similar to my Info Barrel versus eHow article, I have decided that it may actually be in the best interest of all freelance writers, everywhere, if I were to begin researching and highlighting the most noticeable differences between other 'similar' competitive website platforms and Info Barrel. In complete transparency, however, I have developed a rather large bias in favor of Info Barrel for a variety of reasons. Prior to beginning this article, or any other subsequent article, I do feel it necessary to delineate why exactly I have developed such a strong bias in favor of the Info Barrel website platform. While other websites may have similar functionality in certain areas, there are other immediately noticeable areas that such a newcomer to the article submission, revenue sharing, game has clearly excelled at already.

1) Info Barrel does not charge a membership fee, to it's own users, to provide its very own content.
2) Info Barrel is extremely transparent with everything from their earnings revenue share (75-90%) to their immediate manual article submission review procedure required of all new writers.
3) Info Barrel's customer service is phenomenal. Unlike similar website platforms, with 20+ hired staff, Info Barrel is essentially run by 3 people that manage to respond thoroughly to emails and concerns better and more efficiently than these much larger companies.
4) Info Barrel's intricate system of achievements provides a great incentive for writers to submit awesome, high quality, content. When quality content becomes the cornerstone of a platform, Google cannot help but take notice and rank the website accordingly. With greater search engine favor and authority, the collective Info Barrel user base stands a much greater chance at having their articles seen and, of course, earnings potential goes up drastically.

With the Instructables website as one of the foremost leaders in article submission, they take a surprisingly different approach to aggregating the content supplied by many loyal and passionate members. Their business plan is in stark contrast to just about everything I had listed above, however, I am still indecisive about whether or not this is a good thing. For one, the instructables website platform does offer payment 'packages' for writers to actually provide content to them, on which they actually host their own advertisements as well. Ultimately, 'Instructables' appears to be selling more of the concept of 'community' rather than providing any real monetary incentive to users other than the warm and fuzzy feeling they elicit by having their articles viewed by the remainder of the community.

With over 14,000+ Facebook fans, on Instructables' Facebook Fan Page, there seems to be many writers who:

1) Simply don't care about making money on their own hard written content, or..
2) Don't know that there are other revenue sharing opportunities available out in cyberspace.

While the pieces of this business model, admittedly, don't quite make sense to me, Instructables has managed to extract quite a bit of hard work and effort from its members all in the name of "community". It has yet to be seen if this is really a longterm, and sustainable, business model, however, I tend to be of the opinion that their users will eventually begin to feel tired from constantly being taken from. With little to no monetary return on any of their hard work, at all, I have difficulty believing that people will remain loyal to the Instructables website platform, especially when such generous revenue sharing potential is available on similar website platforms like Info Barrel.

Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....