On the surface, both the Info Barrel and eHow article submission, revenue sharing, website platforms are very similar in nature. With a struggling economy clearly experienced by many American citizens, it is easy to see how the freelance writer compensation attributes of both website platforms can be particularly appealing, especially to those who earn a passive income by working from home, or to those who have been laid off all together. Such website platforms have provided new opportunity amongst a growing sea of scams and ripoff artists.

Both website platforms have realized tremendous success as an ever-expanding internet user base is continually looking for new, and innovative, ways to make money. The truth is, however, that both their business plans are very simple and fundamental in nature, and they both fully exploit man's most primal urges for information expansion. By enticing people to simply provide quality, hand-written, content, both the eHow and Info Barrel website platform have realized a self-sustaining model that provides continual monetary incentives and reciprocates.

This occurrence is absolutely essential if any company is to maintain their own long term financial viability.

The most logical sequence of questioning now, however, is with regards to which website platform is actually the 'best' to write for. For the freelance writer, it is easy to search out, and gravitate towards, the one article submission, revenue sharing, website platform that produces the most individual revenue for the least amount of work. In an era where time is essentially money, hand-crafting articles really takes work, and a passionate drive is certainly needed in order to sustain one's ability to continually produce quality articles day in and day out.

This is a feet many have mastered to the tune of several hundred dollars, extra, a month, in purely passive residual income. What could be better than having the hard work you put in now pay monthly dividends consistently with each new month?

Strictly speaking, the eHow website platform is at the pinnacle of the article submission, revenue sharing, ladder. With very little competition that remotely even approaches their daily traffic, page views, and entire article library statistics, they have clearly cornered a market that is continually longing for new and intriguing ways to earn an honest passive residual income online. While some have accomplished this feet, as of recently, even the most long term members of the eHow website platform have begun to have second thoughts, in an industry flooded by many innovative entrepreneurs who are willing to do just about anything to dethrone the leader.

For companies like Info Barrel, relinquishing even greater revenue share is one way to gain appeal amongst writers who are continually looking for ways to make more and more money. This is precisely what they have done, and the world cannot help but watch as they have realized some of the fastest growth imaginable.

In a world where eHow user complaints and palpable disgruntlement have infested both their own website forum, as well as, all of the major search engines, eHow does have inherent elements of its website that must be changed or, unfortunately, it will face certain extinction in the eyes of long term members who are consistently made to feel as if they are not being listened to. After five of my emails went completely unanswered by eHow, I truly felt that, as a freelance writer, both my time and energy were best invested elsewhere. With outstanding customer service, following suit with hundreds of disgruntled former-eHow writers was an easy decision, especially under constant threat of loosing all, or some, of my 150+ quality written articles.

In one day, I joined this "mass exodus" by removing these articles entirely from eHow to Info Barrel.

With more specificity, one can see a clear difference between both website platforms in relation to their own transparency concerning the most fundamental, and enticing, elements of their respective websites: Writer's compensation (ie. Monetary Earnings):

According to eHow's FAQ:

"Q. What is my payment based on?

A. You get paid per article. Your article's earning potential can be based on a combination of several elements, including the amount of times it's been viewed and its category. The more useful your articles are to the reader, the more money you could make. Check out our tips and guidelines, like adding photos, and eHow's most-requested topics page for How To ideas."

Compare this FAQ to Info Barrel's clear and decisive sharing of 75%-90% of all their Google Adsense revenue. On top of that, any member of Info Barrel will earn 2% of the earnings of any members that they refer. With eHow's inability, or unwillingness, to even delineate a percentage of revenue that they are sharing with users, I have difficulty investing my own personal time and effort contributing to a website platform that fails miserably in the area of transparency time, and time, again. Freelance writers expect more, and they demand more, and, unfortunately, outside of an occasional advocate, their voices are going largely unheard.

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Operating under a veil of secrecy in some of the most critical areas, eHow's unwillingness to simply listen to it's users is resulting in a massive tide of disgruntlement that reaches far beyond the confines of my own articles. In fact, as evidenced by comments written in many of my own similar articles, even the most passionate, long term, eHow users are growing restless. With hundreds of articles now contributed to eHow, they have found themselves at a cross-roads of uncertainty, under the guise of unclear user expectations, guidelines, and increasing user dissatisfaction.

They can't just be expected to stay, unless something gives, or someone listens to them.

For a freelance writer who is willing to invest monumental amounts of their own time and energy into providing quality content, this is the very least that they should do. Unfortunately, the eHow website platform, and company, has seemingly succumbed to the thralls of big business: where they guage their own success based off of the sheer number of contributors, rather than recognizing the valid complaints and disgruntlement of a few.

With that said, how has your eHow experience been? Whether positive, or negative, it would be an honor to have you share your experience with myself, and the world, in my comments section below this article! If you are not currently a member of Info Barrel, you can join here, or it would be an absolute honor to have you Join under my Referral link here.

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