You can't blame people for wanting to make money online, especialEarn Passive Income with Info Barrelly nowadays. In a world where "passive income" has become a widely known catch phrase, as well as the subject matter of many articles and blog posts, it is completely natural (and expected) for people to gravitate to website platforms that offer them the best long term opportunities for financial security. The wisest investors know that diversification is key, whether in relation to stocks or when addressing the hard work and labor that one may 'invest' into pursuing any one of a near endless supply of viable online passive income opportunities and possibilities.

It is natural for people to want to gain as much as possible from doing as little as possible. Afterall, any self-purported entrepreneur should be inherently driven by the desire to maximize revenue, while formulating the most efficient way to reach that end. We ultimately want to expend the least amount of resources possible to gain as much revenue as possible. While all of the following online opportunities are legitimate, by virtue of their business models, some of these website platforms simply offer the end user more in terms of everything from customer service, transparency, and earnings share and potential.

With several years experience of earning a passive income on quite a few website, I have become extremely familiar with the way each operates. Admittedly, as I prepared to write this article, previous research and earning experience has given me a great bias in favor of the Info Barrel website platform. In complRevenue Grows with Each Monthete transparency, I think it is first important that I express to any potential reader exactly why I am 100% confident in maintaining Info Barrel as one of my main sources of passive income online. With all the competition out there in cyberspace, the truth is, any one platform, which is hoping to make a longterm and viable business, really has to be able to offer a lot to members.

I would like to emphasize the fact that Info Barrel isn't my only source of passive income online, however, I have propelled it to the position of being the main website platform that I am 100% confident that my writing will be both safeguarded, and will continue to earn a very generous revenue share over years and years. With my families future in mind, writing online, in general, if I were to present all the actual "numbers", presents an amazing opportunity. Only about about 2 months into writing for Info Barrel and, as Info Barrel continues to gain significant favor and authority in the search engines, I have taken my $0/month earned, all the way to nearly $150 extra earned, per month, just on Info Barrel alone.

Longterm, dedicated, and passionate Info Barrel user, jcmayer777 (Jason), actually humbly boasts of monthly revenue that push almost $500 a month, so far, on Info Barrel. With each month, his revenue has grown in accordance with his Info Barrel article journal, "My Info Barrel Experience". Regardless of the platform, the truth about writing articles online is that is an extremely 'pure' form of passive income: one can write one simple article, and have it continue to increase in earnings every single month. This inherent potential of Info Barrel is one of the major reasons why I have absolutely no problem recommending this platform to the world.

Before I go on to compare and contrast similar platforms, here are some other great things I love about Info Barrel. These are listed in no particular order of importance:

  • Info Barrel, by far, has the most generous adsense revenue share, on all submitted articles, of any platform that I can find online. While this is a bold move on their part, it displays a generosity to users that, I believe, is destined to capture them thousands of quality and passionate freelance writers, over the course of the next year alone. If and trendsInfo Barrel Website Home are any indicator, Info Barrel is poised to become a very prominent and influential opponent in an already crowded marketplace.
  • By virtue of the framework of the Info Barrel website, it inherently allows authors to establish themselves as 'authorities' and 'experts' really quite easily. By focusing on a specific niche, on the right side of each submitted article, is a list of the Top-6 related articles on Info Barrel. While some may not immediately notice the importance of this functionality, it really gives blooming Info Barrel writers a tremendous opportunity to portray themselves as 'experts' in any given niche. For example, I wrote many articles about the wear and appearance of military-type uniforms. As I submitted each article, all passing by traffic is immediately exposed to each one of my articles, which, of course, significantly increases my own earning potential. (Jcmayer777 and I speak more about this in our Info Barrel eBook)
  • Compared to other 'similar' website platforms, with massive staffing, Info Barrel does an exceptional job at maintaining extraordinary customer service. Emails sent are typically met with a real-life, human, response within 24-48 hours. With this adherence to strong customer service, Info Barrel is already solidifying itself as a platform that genuinely cares for, and supports, it's members. They truly realize that their members are their life blood, and that is evidenced by both their customer service, as well as, their generous revenue share.

Similar Website Platforms:

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