If you have read any of my Info Barrel articles, you know I am having a fair amount of success with the site. Info Barrel is a little different than most other revenue sharing sites. Not only can you earn up to 90& of Google Adsense impressions, but you can also write about virtually anything. Other revenue sharing sites that use Adsense give the author somewhere between 25% and 60% of the impressions, far less than the minimum of 75% at Info Barrel. This allows Info Barrel authors to make more money.

Some revenue sharing sites, like Associated content and Bukisa pay you a rate per thousand views. This can be appealing to some authors, since they will make a little money even if they don't get that almighty click. How much money do you think you are leaving on the table? Why don't we take a look.


This site has grown pretty fast. You can post just about anything on the site. If you have an article somewhere else, and the other site allows it, you can copy and paste them into Bukisa. Many thought this would double their earnings. They were wrong.

Bukisa, like Associated Content, pays a rate per thousand views. This is called the Bukisa index, and it does fluctuate a little. The rate generally hangs around the $3.50 mark per thousand views. Sounds pretty good to many authors, but there is some fine print.

Bukisa used some language that limits your views. The term, "Unique human visitors" is one of the terms in question with Bukisa. What does this mean? The human part is fine, since you wouldn't expect to get paid when the search engines scan the page. What does unique mean? If they look at another author's article, and then look at yours, do you get credit?

There's another little catch in the language that you may want to check out. Bukisa also mandates that the each unique reader must also accept their advertising. If someone is using any type of ad blocker, you get nothing.

Info Barrel is just plain better than any other site, in my opinion. I would like to take a little time to simply compare this site to a couple of other sites, Associated Content and Bukisa.

Associated Content:

AC, as many call it, is a very popular site. They have many authors and a ton of articles. They have done pretty darn well for themselves. They do have loyal readers and authors. Some of them do quite well on AC. If you can really drive traffic, perhaps getting hundreds of views to each article per day, you can make some money there.

For those wondering, AC pays $1.50 per thousand views. This is much lower than the Bukisa amount, but only at first glance. The language is not quite as limiting as it is on Bukisa, which makes up some of the difference. Still, at a buck and a half per thousand views, you really have to drive a ton of traffic to your articles to make them perform.

Info Barrel:

Okay, I will admit that I'm quite partial to Info Barrel. I am making really good money here. With my earnings on the rise, I think I may hit the $500 mark this month. Just a week or so ago, I would have anticipated about $300 in earnings. That was a week ago, and my Adsense account is growing rapidly. Why don't we take a look at the rate of pay here.

Info Barrel does not pay per view. You get a minimum of 75% of the Adsense impressions, with a chance to increase it to 90%. In theory, you could make a thousand bucks with a thousand views. Of course, it also means you could make nothing with a thousand views. Still, chances are quite good that you will make more money on Info Barrel

Here is a screen shot of my earnings from yesterday. I have some articles on Bukisa and eHow, but the only source of Adsense income for me is Info Barrel. I have done a quick erase job on titles, in order to protect my high earners.

EDIT: I need to erase my personal info, I will get it posted soon.

My earning per thousand are much better with Info Barrel. You are probably having similar results. I would suspec that many of the Info Barrel writers are getting a much better rate of pay, per thousand views, on Info Barrel than other sites.

I am not sure exactly how my earnings per thousand views compare to other authors on Info Barrel. For the purpose of a comparison, I will assume that other authors are doing well, perhaps making 8.50 per thousand views.

The Comparison:

I'm not a rocket scientist, but it appears that at $8.50, Info Barrel pays almost 6 times as much as AC. It looks to be about 2.5 times that of Bukisa, even when you don't take that funky limiting language into account. Take a look at your Google Adsense account and see how much you make per thousand views. It will be listed as eCPM on the Adsense page. I am willing to bet you are making much more with Info Barrel per thousand views, than you are with AC or Bukisa.

Why does Info Barrel pay so much better?

It's really all about the Adsense, baby. Some ads are going to pay the author better than a buck each. If you can find the better paying ads, perhaps the ones that pay you a buck or two, or more, you can make much more money on this site. Some categories will have a much better rate of pay for the authors.

In my opinion, this is the best place to make money writing articles. In all honesty, the site is in the infancy stages at this point. As the site continue to grow, which is currently happening at unparalleled rates, the authors will make more money. As the site's looks become more refined over time, the writers will make even more money. As the site continues to gain favor with Google, the authors will see their articles rise in search engine rank, and make more money yet.

Info Barrel writers that get in now are going to make huge money for years to come.