Xomba and Info Barrel are both revenue sharing websites that allow you to publish articles and make money through your own personal Google Adsense publisher's ID. Both of these revenue sharing websites have different features and some are better than the others. I write on both of these websites and like both of them equally for different reasons. This article will give you all of the information you need to decide which of these revenue sharing websites is best for you or if you should write on both revenue sharing websites.

Info Barrel

Info Barrel allows users to sign up with both their Google Adsense account and their Chitika account. Xomba does not offer Chitika because they do not display these ads on their content. Being able to share revenue with multiple advertising programs gives users more opportunities to make money from their content. The Chitika ads that are displayed on Info Barrel articles only show up if someone came to the article through a search engine but the ads are related to the keywords that were searched. This makes it much easier for people to display relevant ads to their content without having to sacrafice content by stuffing keywords all over the place. Chitika also has a refferal program that allows users to sign up under you and you can earn money off of anyone you reffer. Info Barrel also has a fairly good page rank so with the proper keyword placement , title and optimization, you can get your articles on the top results in search engines failry easy. Info Barrel has an approval process for articles for new users but you can get approved after writing some good content and being on the site for a while. This is great because it helps make sure that all of the content on the site is useful and not spammy. Info Barrel also gives users a variety of different types of articles that you can write from how-to, blank articles and reviews. This helps users because they are not confined to writing a specific type of article. This revenue sharing website also has a great refferal program that allows people to sign up under you and allows you to earn money from anyone you reffer. The great part about Info Barrel's refferal program is that the money does not come out of the user's cut, it comes out of Info Barrel's money. This is the best type of refferal program because people could just sign up by themselves and make more money if it would cost them to sign up under someone else. Overall, Info Barrel is a great way to start increasing your Google Adsense and Chitika earnings. Info Barrel also shows your Google Adsense ads 75% of the time and you can possibly raise that number with contests. Most revenue sharing websites have a much lower percent of revenue share.


Xomba is similar to Info Barrel in that it allows users to write articles and use their Google Adsense publisher's ID. Xomba allows users to write 2 different types of articles on their website, Xombytes and Xomblurbs. Xombytes are short articles that are at least 150 words and you can write about whatever you want. Xomblurbs are social bookmarking pages that allow you to post a link to an article, website or blog and write a short description about it and your Google Adsense ads will be displayed on the page. My favorite part about Xomba is the Xomblurbs because the minimum word requirement for these articles is 50 so it does not take long to write them. You can also use Xomblurbs to create quality backlinks to your other online content and possibly make money off of the link pages. If you type fast, you can write a whole bunch of Xomblurbs every day if you want to. Xomba also has a decent page rank and you can rank high with proper SEO. Xomba has a refferal program as well that is similar to Info Barrel but does not give you as high of a percent. Xomba has a 50/50 Adsense split so you can still make money off of your content but your ads do not get seen as much as they do on Info Barrel.


My personal opinion about these two websites is that using both of them correctly can greatly increase your Google Adsense earnings. There is no reason that you should only write on one of these websites. Writing articles on Info Barrel and then posting Xomblurbs linking back to them can greatly increase your chances of making money with your articles. Info Barrel has more of a professional look to the website whereas Xomba does not but that really doesn't make a difference to me since articles on both websites rank fairly well in search engines.

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