I was introduced to the info barrel by an article in Bukisa. I was not that enthusiastic, but I was so interested to make some money on the internet and that drove to Info Barrel. I found that making money on the internet is neither easy nor free. There are so many get rich schemes on the internet that enticed me to their sites, only to pay for their program or click some links that now I know they make money from all my activity. I came to my sense that nothing was free and it was same for the internet. I needed to do some work in order to get some money. I found writing for Infor Barrel as the answer for my quest to earn extra income for my livelihood. I sat down and wrote two articles as an experiment. They got published. I was excited that I broke through something that I would never do.

I submitted two more articles later and found to my dismay were rejected. Oh, it made me sweat, my heart trebled that I was not good enough to write articles for info barrel. I read again the rejected article and was confronted with the comments by the editor. There I thought, I was back in the classroom starring at my old English teacher. Those comments were not really derogatory or negative, but were very encouraging and were sort of positive reinforcement. I learnt something. I went back to the article and found the mistakes. I did the editing, added few things here and there and made them appealing for readers and reposted them.

These simple, but important exercises at Info Barrel taught me the following about the site. First, it is very user friendly. The user is not distracted or discouraged, but encouraged to do his or her best. It is what every good teacher would do to see a student achieve his or her highest potential. Second, the user is somehow given a personalised help to improve the content of the article per the standards set by the Info Barrel for its reputation as a publishing website. This is a standard that improves both the writer and the website and it is a win -win situation. Thirdly, there are incentives, in educational language would be rewards for students who struggle to achieve the standards set by the teacher. In Info Barrel alone, I think, there are more than two affiliate links to make money. They are Google Adsense, Amzon and Chitika. A writer is given several opportunities to earn money and this is one of the many sites in the internet that can give a writer that chance. Fourth, is the friendly support given by the administrator and others who have benefited from Info Barrel to new comers like me. It is so encouraging and welcoming for people to get warm introductions to the site and necessary help given. It is like been lost in the jungle of so many sites and suddenly you are met by a rescuing team and you are taken home. No wonder many writers find comfortable to stay longer at info Barrel. Because of these reasons, I feel like going back to school and I'd like to stay at school. Many who had being to school (that is info barrel) like to remain there so do I. Info barrel has bright future ahead. I have to be loyal to Info Barrel.