Sharp TVs

Sharp is a popular company to buy flat screen TVs from. They have the up-to-date technology and offer great picture and amazing features. The LED backlighting allows you to see deeper blacks and richer colors and is praised across numerous reviews. Sharp flat screens are also known to have wider viewing angles (up to 176 degrees), than it's competitors. And with the addition of the active contrast feature, among others, Sharp is usually the preferred company to buy from. Active contrast will adjust every scene to it's optimal contrast setting giving you a richer viewing experience. The Aquos line of LCD TVs are manufactured to produce the smallest footprint when it comes to environmental issues and energy waste. Recyclable material and superior energy efficiency make this brand a winner to those trying to live with nature instead of against it.

The Battle

The LCD televisions had been in a hotly contested battle with Plasma for awhile now, but LCD is proven to be the winner because of low-costs and the multiple sizes available (37 is the smallest size you'll see a plasma TV). There are lots of LCD vs Plasma info out there to make it easier for a buyer to make an educated choice, but more and more LCD is the preferred choice.

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Some features that you'll find on Sharp LCD TVsinclude an optical picture control which will determine the brightness of your screen based on ambient light in the room. So whether you're watching a movie with the lights turned off, or just a soap opera in the middle of the day and the sun shining through, you'll always have the best level of brightness to fit whatever situation. And to further eliminate motion blur, the latest Sharp flat screens have a super fast refresh rate at 240hz. This basically means the screen refreshes 240 times per second so virtually no motion blur. Good when playing video games with a lot of activity on screen and graphics. And although some people say you probably won't be able to tell the difference between a 120hz TV and a 240hz (unless you have superhuman vision), it's still something you can brag about to the neighbors.

Video Games

And speaking of games, Sharp LCD TVs have a game mode (viper drive) that allows the TV and game console to work together by removing any lag time. Meaning as soon as you pull the trigger with your controller, you'll see it on the screen faster. Essentially what viper drive does is reduce video processing time so you can see the images in real time. This is important if you're competitive and play a lot of online games. When you swear you've fragged someone on the latest Call of Duty, but their still running around, it's because it's taking too long for your TV to produce an accurate image in real time. It can get frustrating if you play a lot, so a game mode is definitely a lifesaver. Other features many Sharp LCD TVs have are connectivity options like a USB port to view photos and music with and PC connections.

Tips and Advice

As always when searching for a TV, check to see what features different brands offer so you can make an informed choice when you're ready to buy. Brands like Sony, Samsung, Philips and Toshiba all have their positives and negatives, so to better find which brand of LCD TV is best for you, it's a good idea to consider the specifications and features carefully. Additionally, product and customer reviews will give you a heads up on what to look out for as well as benefits of each TV.

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