It is often said that writers can't make money online. You don't make money with witty writing. You need to target people who do more buying with their credit cards than actual reading. You don't want people to read below the fold and you want them to click the ads to get away from your site. You don't need good content, you need relevant content.

It's said that to make money online, you need to churn out articles at a gargantuan pace. You can't write about interesting things either. You have to write 1,000 pages saying the same thing about acne targeting a different long tail.

I am a writer. I have two blogs: a height increase blog and an SEO blog. I don't scam. My height increase blog tries to find legit methods of height increase. My SEO blog talks about my personal experiences in my niche. Both target readers. Now I can't exactly target money making niches with these sites like gambling or cancer, can I? And if I started other blogs devoted to those subjects, I'd have to build them up from scratch.

Enter Infobarrel. It allows you to link back to your sites for readers, allowing you to live the dream that actual writers can make money online and not just marketers. And it has profit sharing allowing you to dip into the buy happy niches that advertisers covet without having to devote whole blogs to them. Surely you can write one post on Infobarrel a week about dog training or rare medical conditions.

Infobarrel allows writers to dabble into marketing without compromising their own blog. There are other revenue sharing sites too but none have the simplicity of Infobarrel. I found Squidoo and Hubpages to be too confusing. Say what you will about links losing effectiveness after 10 of the same C-class ip but every link you get from a single site provides you more internal link strength throughout the entire site and I've had Google Webmaster tools count 100s of links from the same forum.

No longer do you have to write ezine articles pimping out the latest affiliate product. Now you can write buy friendly keyword articles for infobarrel, make some money and link back to your sites for readers. Hey, maybe by writing an article about man boobs you'll learn some valuable for your reader site.

Writing for Infobarrel allows you to dabble in buying keywords and build links to your more sophisticated writing sites.