Infobarrel, how long it took me to get pre-approval?

preapproval stamp

Before I started to write for Inforbarel, I knew every article needed to go through the approval process. I thought writing 10 articles should do the trick. Well I was wrong. It took 30 articles to get that pre-approval stamp. I actually thought about giving up and going to other sites to publish my articles. Why? I had about 7 articles denied for one reason or the other. Some of the reasons I didn't understand and others I thought were justified. Nevertheless, I was not pleased that my articles were rejected. I made the necessary modifications and resubmitted and they were finally published. What I also found discouraging was the amount of time to get my articles published. I have waited sometimes for more than 24hrs (mostly over the weekends). I am not sure what kept me going. Some of the reasons might be reading others comment about how great Infobarrel is and how helpful the admin team has been. After a while I just stopped worrying about the approval and just kept writing diversified articles. Low and behold, I wrote and post my 31st article on InfoBarrel expecting to see the famous sentence (your articles has been locked and queued and will be approved by a manager). Well a sentence along those lines. To my greatest surprise and pleasure, I just saw a few words stating that my article has gone "live". Of course I had to verify that myself. I went and refresh the main page several times and then "Voila" there it was. The article that I had just posted was already published. I am currently cuffed to bits and might celebrate that.

Anyways, a few words of encouragement to those who are just starting to write for Infobarrel, time is your friend. Keep those articles coming and try to abide by the rules. If you disagree or don't understand why an article has been denied, you can contact the site administrators. They have been quite good at responding to queries. You might not like the replies but at least you will get one. The forum is another location to find out a bit more about the ins and outs of writing for Infobarrel. You should keep writing while you are still waiting for that elusive nod. It does feel like forever but you will eventually be pre-approved. I wonder what you have to do to lose your pre-approval status. That is a different story. It took about 3 weeks and 30 articles to get this far.

Why is pre-approval that important? The whole point of writing is to be able to publish your articles. Most writers have secular jobs and have to juggle their writing between family, work and relaxation. That means you don't have time to wait and see if your articles might be rejected. You want to write, publish and move on to the next topic. Since I became pre-approved, I have found more stimuli to write more and pulblish more. What is also encouraging about preapproval is that you start to feel that you are a part of the community. You start to participate in forums and check out what other members of the Infobarrel community are writing about. You start to comment on the articles that others have written. You do become more active with regards to everything to do with writing and publishing online. The fact that you no longer have to wait also helps you to concentrate on finding more ways to optimize your writing. You start to think outside the box and think of other subjects to write about. The tendency we all have is to write within our comfort zone. That is to say we write about what we really know a lot about. That does make sense at the beginning but you will soon run out of things to write and then, you will realize you need to broaden your horizon. That is when reading what is going on in the forums can be helpful. There is always someone with a question or an idea or general news worthy comments. These can be a catalyst for you to write something interesting.

I could remember some writers complaining that it is taking more than 2 days for Infobarrel Admins to approve their articles. I was one of them. I later discovered that the admins(only 2 of them) do have a life outside of work. They now announce that articles approval will be slow over the weekends. If the weekend is long with Friday or Monday being a public holiday, you should expect a little delay in article approval. As the site grows and Infobarrel hires more people to approve articles, you will get almost instantaneous approval. If you want your articles to be quickly approved, do yourself a favor and publish them during the week. At some point in the history of Infobarrel, more than 150 articles were being publish per day. That is a lot when you think the average writer will publish an article every 2 days. Infobarrel is still young when compared to sites like eHow, Associated Content or Hubpages. The growth rate has been interesting and those who have gone through the approval process do believe the site has potential.

Some members of Infobarrel in the know have said that the pre-approval process is a good thing. They argue that it prevents people from signing up to Infobarrel just to create articles for back links. That might be true but pre-approval also has other advantage. It allows you to learn the requirements of writing for Infobarrel. Once you've had your articles rejected a few times, you start to understand the do's and don'ts of the site. You will learn to work your way around the site and adapt to their ways of doing things. A lot of us would like to be able to write and publish directly on our own site. This means not having to share your Adsense revenue with Infobarrel. You have to remember that they are sharing their hosting and Google ranking with you. It is therefore normal that they get a share of your revenue. You need to see it as a win/win situation. You need them as much as they need you.