Previously, I praised Infobarrel as being a way for blog writers to make money by dipping into internet marketing and still maintaining their journalistic integrity by building back links to their high quality blogs.

Today, I'd like to talk about the great features that it gives to white hat seo's. In general, writers of quality blogs for readers are also white hat but not always. Some say that you have to fight fire with fire and that the only way to get spam out of a search engine index is to outrank it. But some people purely believe in white hat tactics and only write quality content.

I define white hat Search Engine Optimization as SEO that involves no-automated systems. The quality of the content may come into question but as long as there is no automation in play then you are a white hat SEO. Self-promotional link building is neither white nor black hat but neccessary hat. Even wikipedia which acquires thousands and thousands of organic links has it's own internal linking structure with keyword optimized anchor text.

Search engines themselves like Google or Facebook didn't rely on search engines to get traffic but those sites were established by a conglemerate of people. If you're on your own then you're going to need search engines to help you get traffic.

The way that Infobarrel helps white hat SEOers is that it requires that each article be unique. Now Ezine Articles has syndicated content but if a content is automatically syndicated once, then why not syndicate it thousands of times and get thousands of back links? Duplicate content mostly applies to content within the same site(you can't rank for the same search term more than twice on the same site unless you are an authority site).

So, you submit an article to Ezine Articles and you see your article syndicated. Then you see both back links counted from both Ezine and the other site in Google Webmaster Tools. Then you start thinking about submitting to other article directories. You get tired of that so you start looking into other tools. Then you start looking into tools that spin your article because you might as well. After all even if there's no duplicate content penalty there's still a unique content bonus. It's all a big black hat slippery slope.

If you stick with Infobarrel you never get started down that path as Infobarrel requires all articles to be unique. Infobarrel does it's part to keep internet spam down.

There are other article directories like allthatsolive which also has 75% revenue sharing but it doesn't have as good an interface as infobarrel and you have to do more work to get adsense revenue. There's also postrunner which requires unique content. For postrunner you have to pay a monthly fee and you have to buy your own wordpress blog to start your own article site. The way you make the revenue is put ads on your own article site and then rely on back links that other people build to articles they host on your site. You also make money by the additional authority which you leverage to send juice to your own site.

No site is of better use to white hate SEO's right now than Infobarrel. The unique content bonus is key to people who don't want to descend down the dark arts path of automated tools.