Twitter Logo (15674)What is the InfoBarrel AutoTweet Feature?

The InfoBarrel AutoTweet feature takes newly published articles and tweets the title and a shortened URL to your article on the social networking site Twitter. AutoTweet publishes this tweet to the account you authorize InfoBarrel to access on your My Account page. The benefit of this feature is it instantly exposes your article to everyone that is following your feed, which could be in the hundreds or even thousands of people if you've built up a following. There is even more potential for exposure as Twitter searches live feeds as they happen, so if someone were to search for the topic of your article, they will be shown your tweet, and if they click, your article.

Authorizing InfoBarrel to AutoTweet

In order to get this started you need to authorize Infobarrel to post to your Twitter account. To do this, go to your My Account page and click the Authorize InfoBarrel on Twitter Link. This will bring you to Twitter where you will be asked to Allow or Deny Infobarrel access to your account (Twitter might ask you to log in at this point, depending if you are still logged in there or not). If you click the Allow button, Infobarrel will be able to post to your Twitter feed automatically.

And that's all there is to it.