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If you are a member of the wide online writers (or would-be writers) community, there's a big chance you have heard about Infobarrel. Infobarrel is a writing directory similar to platforms such as Squidoo, Hubpages and Triond.
The process is simple: members write quality articles about any topic they suggest and generate a passive income which depends on the generated traffic. In other words, you write an article and earn from the ads integrated on the article's webpage depending on its number of views.
Morever, the Infobarrel community is in a high speed growth level. Although the website is relatively new, its profile on Alexa shows an enourmous development rate since 2009. The main reason believed to be behind this high progress is the unusually favorable earnings program. In fact, the site lets you keep the majority of your earnings.

Infobarrel's profile on Alexa

Why Infobarrel and Why Now?

Before I get into specifics about the precise regular earnings of the site, I believe it is important to know the reasons that make Infobarrel one of the best existing options on the internet, specially in the interim. Infobarrel is indeed not as popular as "the big three" (Squidoo, Hubpages, Triond) but, and for a number of reasons, the site will soon and in a fair way earn its place as one of the biggest paying writing plateforms on the web.
One of these remarkable reasons is that, as mentioned, the site is booming. Its community is growing bigger everyday and the reason is clear. The site has earned its reputation.
Another one is that, although the website is booming, it is relatively new. Now how can anyone benefit from that? Well, simply, because it is way less likely for a writer (even an old one) to come across articles that they have the intention of writing.
Even at a leading site such as Hubpages, writers are frequently facing duplicated content problems of which the anciety of the site along with the overload with writers are meant to be the source. Remarkably, only 54 of the top 100 writers at Infobarrel have published more than 100 sites. A mistreated upportunity, I'd say.
Morever, the worth of your article is significantly increasing as the site's growth continues at an exponential pace. In other words, the ranking of your articles in the major search engines (Google essentially) is very likely to get better. Needless to say, search engine optimization is decisive to obtaining traffic and generating revenue.
The site also presents a unique revenue sharing model: Infobarrel allows you to retain 75% of the Google Adsense revenue generated by your articles. A competitive pourcentage that is the main factor responsible of the exponential development of the website.

Personally, through my Infobarrel experience, the factor that really got my attention is the fact that whenever an article of yours gets denied, you will be told about the reasons. Let's take this article that you're reading at this moment as a practical example. It has indeed been denied once and the reason is that I included Chikita in the earning options of the website which is no longer available. Note that Ckitika's benefits were insignifiant from the beginning. Therefore, if you have ever faced the terrible experience of being rejected without any kind of explanation, know that that is not how Infobarrel works.

How do you Earn with Infobarrel?

At last, here we are: the earning details. The first question mark to be put in such a subject is "How?". How do you make money on this site? Well, Infobarrel shows a wide variety of options when it comes to earning sources. You will need to create three accounts in three different places.
Google adsense - In the goal of making your article ad impression appear in your Google Adsense account, you will need to create a seperate channel within Adsense, which takes up to three minutes to accomplish. The URL you will want to add the channel for is
Amazon Affiliates - Assuming that you are currently using Amazon's affiliate program in another site or weblog, all you will need in this situation is to create a seperate tracking ID for Infobarrel.
Some additional interesting details you might want to know:
When a visitor clicks an ad within your article, you earn a certain amount of money. The amount varies depending on several significant factors which are meant for the companies to deal with. Morever, if a guest clicks on your Amazon advertisements and purchases an item on the site within 24 hours of clicking on your ad, you earn a commission. The item the client will purchase does not have to be the one appearing on your ad: it can be any Amazon product, no restrictions.
Keep in mind that all of the mentioned conditions will only be fully automated when you set up your Infobarrel account with the correct ID from each advertisement source.
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Remember to Follow the Rules

Like any other writing directory, Infobarrel has a clear number of rules that each member is obliged to follow in order to benefit from the site. Here are the rules taken straight from the website: 
- Must be original and created by you and must not have been submitted elsewhere on the web.
- Must not be a sales document, advertisement or any other type of promotional content.
- Must be written in proper English with correct spelling, grammar and structure.
- Must not be derogatory, hateful, pornographic or defamatory in any manner.
- Must not have external links in the first paragraph. Link to other Infobarrel content is ok.
- Maximum of 2 self-serving links per article.

The Exact Earnings of Infobarrel

If you have visited the website's lists, there's a big chance you've noticed several high profile contributors who claim they make up to 3000$ per month. It sounds wonderful, but is it realistic? And in the positive case, how much is actually required to get to that level?
In fact, a list of 300 Infobarrel members was compiled over a 12 month reporting period, from Marsh 2012 to Marsh 2014, in order to obtain clear, reliable and honest statistics and results about the earnings in the site.
It was found that, even if this might be a little bit desappointing, the average Infobarrel earnings per month were exactly $46.71. Nothing worth leaving your daily office job. However, note that the average can be reached by members who barely contribute to the site. Only a few articles per months are sure to provide you an extra income of 50$ per month. Morever, this does not reflect the possibilities of your potential earning if you are a solid, regular contributor who treats the opportunity as a genuine second job.
The number of people reporting monthly earnings varying between 1000-2000$ are increasing. However, note that the numbers of articles these contributors have already published was in thousands.

The problem here is the time you are going to spend writing these thousand of articles at Infobarrel compared to what you are probably able to make with just a regular day job or even a part-time job waiting tables.

The shining side about writing at Infobarrel is that the earnings are passive. The income steam will keep rolling in, regardless of your abscence.
To summarize, it is almost impossible to establish a full time income from Infobarrel. Nevertheless, you will probably be able to earn a little passive income steam which is motivational enough for some people (apparently).