This is my report for Jan 2012. I started working seriously on this site on November 1st, 2011 and have seen an increase in my earnings since then. My goal is to reach $1000.00 and higher so I can start to pay off my debts and get free of my money problems.  Since my push in November I went from around 20 articles to almost 190 as of Feb 1st 2012. I have noticed a difference in my earnings with the number of articles I have written and see a steady increase in clicks as each week progresses. I have used several of the techniques from other InfoBarrel writers and it has so far worked to my advantage. Although I have written numerous articles on other content sites, it’s InfoBarrel that has brought be the most income with less work.

January Income:

I am overall quite pleased with January’s income as it almost matched my amount from December.

December Income:  $41.45

January Income: $40.80

Almost all of this give or take a dollar or two from an old blog is from InfoBarrel. I am surprised by the number in January because I had several days where I didn’t receive any clicks, so it’s nice to see those numbers. Several clicks were in the $2 range and several days were close to $4. As my articles age I seem to get better click amounts each time. After I went over 100 articles I noticed a big jump in the amount of revenue, so it’s a good idea to make sure you have a decent amount of content on InfoBarrel. I plan to target the baby boomer generation with new articles since I feel this is the age group who will have the more money to spend online. Most of my articles have targeted young people who play guitar.


Working with Amazon seems strange to me and my results have been dismal. In November I received several dollars but since then it’s been zero. I do have links to Amazon in most of my articles and I do get clicks but no sales. I plan to continue with Amazon but I am trying other affiliates as well to see if I get better luck. I worked with Amazon before when I ran a music website before and never saw any real numbers from them but things could change later this year.

My Year Plan

I have plenty of free time now that the music store I worked for went out of business so I plan to crush my article total over 1000 by the end of the year. I plan to switch over to articles that target older buyers and see if that increases income and Amazon sales.  I have done some interlinking with my other InfoBarrel articles and some back linking too which is starting to pay off.  You really can and will make money here if you create the content on this site.

Looking Forward

Most people who join a content writing site fade out over time and leave when they don’t get instant results. You won’t see instant results here but what you will see is an increase in revenue over time if you work hard and take the advice of the great writers here who go out of their way to help people succeed with passive income. You will find results writing for InfoBarrel but you must give it time and create a decent amount of content. Try writing 100 articles and then see where you are. Good luck with your writing online and through InfoBarrel if you’re a member.