Infobarrel: May Wrap Up
Credit: Andrew_D_Hurley via Flickr

So here I am, I won the May contest by only 1 point. Why and how? Keep reading.

Why I got involved with Infobarrel in the first place?

Well, it’s because of our dear friend Pat Flynn from the SPI blog. Although he only has 4 articles from 2010, I still thought it could be a good training. Safer than setting up your own blog or website from a keyword and then realizing it was the wrong choice.

The reasons and how well did I do:

  • I wanted to experiment a bit with the platform. I had never done article writing for revenue sharing sites and I wanted to test my skills
    • Accomplished: kind of. There’s one single article that has made about half of my adshare earnings last month. I guess that’s good, but it doesn’t speak that well about my other articles.
  • I wanted to prove myself that being a non-native speaker I could still write good quality articles in English, in a reasonable amount of time
    • Accomplished: I feel a lot more confident now that I’m well over… 50k words??? I hope you guys have found it easy to read. Constructive feedback on that matter would be helpful so don’t refrain yourselves from commenting!
  • I wanted to do some successful keyword research and try some strategies to get traffic from outside the Infobarrel domain
    • Time will tell. I can only find some of the articles ranking somewhere in Google or Yahoo for my keywords, and they’re not on the first pages. I might do some selective backlinking.
  • I only wished I could finish among the first three in the contest at the beginning
    • Accomplished: Yup. Honestly, at the beginning of the month I never thought I would make it. I had such good rivals! Lucky I had holidays to work on it…

The final sprint

I was on holidays that week (not purposely for the Infobarrel contest obviously, I had lots of fun besides working on it!) and had plenty of time to think about new subjects and work on them. That’s why I could give it all at the last minute. When I woke up on Saturday (since I was in Europe, it was already June!), I hit “publish” on all the draft articles I had prepared, which I had been working on during the previous days. Honestly, I just had enough articles to equalize the points the leader had. I had been working really hard every single day of the month to publish at least one or two articles, more in the weekends and during holidays. I had some extra time before the closing of the contest, so I worked a bit more on an article that I had already published and that had less than 500 words (adding some personal thoughts on the topic) and that was it, a $50 article!

What now?

Definitely, not another contest. This has taken way too much time this month and I still have plenty to learn that I set aside once I saw I could get within the first three in the rank. I will be writing more articles but on a more paced and targeted fashion.

What do you think?

I’d like to have your general opinion on my articles or a particular thought on one of them. Positive or negative, but constructive please. I am very willing to learn, so I promise to modify any of them if I agree with your advice.

Vote of thanks:

I’d like to thank all the people who have left comments and likes on my articles, it’s good to know there’s someone out there reading what you write and that it’s helping in some way! Also, I’d like to thank Infobarrel for having such a nice and straightforward site where we can develop our creativity.

Little anecdote:

I was not preapproved until my 46th article. Yes, four-six. It’s because I kept forgetting to capitalize my titles. How stupid can that be? That must be like the latest someone has ever been preapproved. However, I learned and since I was approved I haven’t done it again. Not a single time. Yay!