Before You Create

Here are a few of the main editorial guidelines for posting content on

Your content:

1. Should be at least 325 words.  Longer articles tend to attract more readers as they are more comprehensive.
2. Must be original, created or owned by you and must not have been submitted or posted elsewhere on the web.
3. Must not be a sales document, advertisement or any other type of promotional document.
4. Must be written in proper English with correct spelling, grammar and structure.
5. Must not be derogatory, hateful, pornographic or defamatory in any manner.
6. Must not have external links in the first paragraph. Links to other InfoBarrel content is ok.
7. Maximum of 2 self-serving links per article.
8. Content must contain value for the reader and must not be written for the purposes of manipulating search engines.  This means that links in your article must be relevant to your content and cannot be used to promote or increase the search rankings of articles or sites being linked to.

If you follow these simple steps your article should have no problem getting published. For more in depth description and complete list of rules please visit the InfoBarrel Editorial Guidelines.