Are you a writer on the look-out of publishing your creative works? Have you still not found one that pays you for your efforts? Just stop by here, read what the amazing site Infobarrel does for its writer community.  Infobarrel, as the name suggests, is an online article publishing site which hosts informative and resourceful articles. A vast network of writers from all over the world constitutes the entire community. Writers’ efforts are highly valued in this site and I would suggest any newbie to try this. Anyone with a decent grammar and good writing skills may find Infobarrel to be the right platform to begin and grow as a constructive writer.




How does Infobarrel pay?

Infobarrel pays its writers through Google AdSense, Chitika and Amazon. If you’ve one approved article, then you can apply for Google AdSense through the standard application link provided by Infobarrel.  AdSense then asks for domain verification and guide you through the procedures involved in issuing the publisher-id. It won’t take too much time to get the publisher-id and associate id from Chitika and Amazon. After filling their details in the advertising profile of Infobarrel, the site directly enters the total number of views and clicks you get from your article. An outstanding feature with this site is that it pays 75% of the ad banner impressions which hardly any other sites do. Writing quality rich articles consistently will bring you a huge passive income over the years to come.

Exclusive features

The text editor associated with Infobarrel allows the writer to include multi-media and bibliography to the article. Including media files increases the visibility and exposure whereas citations provide credibility and originality. Quality contents get featured and will be in rotation on the front page for about 18 days. During this time the article probably gets more views which enable the writer to be noticed by others in this community. The more the views, the more you earn.

The success stories of a few writers of Infobarrel are inspiring who have been writing for about one to two years consistently. Their earnings have reached near $600 per month which is the fruit of their persistence and efforts. Moreover, the writer community is strongly bonded together with great friendship and helping attitude. A complete presence of writers from all over the countries makes the forum totally interactive with several posts irrespective of time. The administrator is also highly friendly and helpful.  Writing for Infobarrel would be a turning point in each and every writer’s life as it acts as a medium for realizing his dreams in writing field.