Infobarrel and Hubpages are both very good websites. Both sites are revenue sharing sites. These sites allow you to post articles on their site and in return they ask for a percentage of the revenue you make. In this article I will compare Infobarrel to Hubbpages. Lets start with Infobarrel.


 Infobarrel is a great site. The site has a great design user friendly webpages and has a lot of money making potential.  Infobarrel has over 9,000 sites linking to it at the time that I am writing this article. Infobarrel also has an Alexa traffic ranking of just over 4,000 which means there are a little over 4,000 sites  with a better Alexa rating then Infobarrel in America,which is pretty good considering there are millions of sites on the internet. Infobarrel has a page rank of 4 which is not as good as hubpages but for a writer looking to get their content published and read this is pretty good. Infobarrel is a relatively new site. There are not that many users on the site and most of the time when you write an article for infobarrel there will  be little competition.  In recent years Infobarrel has seen a spike in traffic and the site is growing at a double digit rate. One of the main reasons I joined Infobarrel is because the site was new and I wanted to get in early while there was still space for me to write articles. If you look at Hubpages on almost every topic there is an article on it. For Infobarrel there are a lot of articles but there is not nearly half as much as there are on Hubpages. Below I have bulleted some great things about Infobarrel.

  • Little competition
  • Great site with a nice design and a great staff.
  • High quality content.  Infobarrrels staff revues every single article before it is published.
  • Great community. Infobarrel was some of the best users online they are nice and always helpful.
  • High earnings potential


Hubpages  is another great site. Hubpages has a higher page rank then Infobarrel, at this time it page rank is 6. This is a little better than Infobarrels page rank. Hubpages Hubs in general get a lot more traffic and Hubpages has a strong user base.  Although Hubpages has a traffic and page rank advantage over Infobarrel it is very crowded with articles. On almost any subject there is a well written hub and it is hard for new writers to compete on Hubpages.  This is where being with Infobarrel has a distinct advantage. On a topic like Mink , Infobarrel has less then 60 results but Hubpages has over 300. This is a clear example of how the competition for even niche topics can be stiff. One of my favorite aspects of Hubpages is that they offer you more options when publishing a hub then Infobarrel. On Infobarrel you don't have the option to add ebay affiliates and on Hubpages you do. Very few people would argue against the fact that Hubpages as a site is more active then Infobarrel. Hubpages has thousands of threads on their forum and people are always commenting and having discussions on hubs. To get your hub on the first page of Hubpages would garentee you thousands of hits. It would be hard to get on the first page though! Below I have bulleted a list of some of the great things about Hubpages.

  • Higher page rank
  • More traffic
  • More options for revenue earnings
  • More activity on site
  • Nice design



Based on my research of Hubpages and Infobarrel I have concluded that Infobarrel is a better site to join. Although you wont earn as much money as Hubpages, the potential for Infobarrel is great. There are not as many articles on Infobarrel as their are on Hubpages which means less competition. If you can establish your dominance on Infobarrel you can profit greatly in the future.  Hubpages in my opinion is a caped out site. There are hubs on everything imaginable and there really is nothing more you can write about without getting killer competition. Infobarrel on the other hand is still a new site. There are thousands of things to write about with little competition. Plus Infobarrel offers 75% adsense revenue which is amazing. If you enter into infobarrel contests you can get even more!  So what are you waiting for join infobarrel today.