Infobarel and Hubpages are two popular article and revenue sharing websites. I am a fan of both of the websites, and while owners of the two websites, might see themselves in competition, I believe success of both sites will only help both companies.

I am sure there are plenty of people like myself who leverage both websites to make money and get back links to their websites. Many people have written articles comparing the sites, but I thought it would be fun to see how the two sites stack up in numerical terms.

Details from the Alexa site:

Infobarrel details:

Alexa rank: 17,938

Traffic rank in the US: 6,795

Online since: 10-Jan-2004 (Techcrunch says the site started in 2008)

Incoming links: 206

Founders: Ryan McKenzie and Kevin Hinton of Hinzie Media Inc

Author/Infobarrel revenue split: 75/25

Employees: 2

Top keywords:

  • infobarrel
  • cydia themes
  • info barrel
  • best tent info
  • costco coupons
  • red lobster coupons
  • best cydia themes
  • how to bake a potato

Hubpages details:

Alexa rank: 289

Traffic rank in the US: 167

Online since: 27-Apr-2005

Founders: Jay Reitz, Paul Edmondson, Paul Deeds

Author/hubpages revenue split: 60-40

Employees: 7

Top keywords:

  • hubpages
  • acai juice
  • mafia wars cheats
  • efusjon scam
  • hubpages
  • efusjon
  • ipod touch
  • clickbank code
  • mafia wars
  • bluetooth headset
  • acai berry
  • the clickbank code
  • copynprofit scam

Google traffic comparison:

Red line: Hubpages
Blue line: Infobarrel

Hubpages Infobarrel