An unofficial take on the Infobarrel Monthly Contest

Infobarrel Writing Points Contest – Everyone Who Participates Can Win

All Members who publish new articles each month are entered in the writing contest. The number of Writing Points earned determines the reward you receive. You are automatically awarded contest Writing Points for all articles you publish on Infobarrel within each month.  

Writing Points are given based on the length of your articles:

  • 1 Writing Point - 500+ Words
  • 2 Writing Points - 800+ Words
  • 5 Writing Points - 1000+ words

If you publish an article during the contest period and then add to or delete from that article during the same contest period the Writing Points will recalculate based on the new article length.

Writing Points are separate from the Achievement Points earned for reaching various achievement milestones. Achievement Points are tracked on your profile page.

The Writing Points update automatically once per day and the current contest standings can be checked on the contest page. You don’t have to do anything to enter the Writing Points contest other than publish new articles.

Winners, Prizes and Bonus Ad Share

First Place Contest Winner: Member with the most Writing Points for the month receives

  • $100USD electronic gift card
  • Achievement Award Gold Star and 50 Achievement Points
  • Listed on past contest list as a winner, with link to profile
  • Listed as winner on the contest page, with link to profile
  • Minimum 85% Ad Share for the next month

Second Place: Member with the second most Writing Points receives

  • $50USD electronic gift card
  • Listed as 2nd place finisher on the contest page with link to profile
  • Minimum 85% Ad Share for the next month

Third Place: Member with the third most points

  • $25USD electronic gift card
  • Listed as 3rd place finisher on the contest page with link to profile
  • Minimum 85% Ad Share for the next month

All Other Members:

85% (10% bonus) Ad Share for achieving at least 31 Writing Points for the month
80% (5% bonus) Ad Share for achieving at least 21 Writing Points for the month

The top 100 members who earn Writing Points are also listed on the Contest Page with a link to their profile even if they don't reach at least 21 Writing Points.

Editorial Calendar Submissions for Bonus Ad Share

Infobarrel will award 1% bonus ad share for each newly published article submitted against an appropriate topic in next month’s editorial calendar, to a maximum of 5% bonus ad share (your first 5 submissions earn bonus ad share). 

You MUST submit your editorial themed articles by the end of the current month for them to count for next month’s editorial selections and bonus ad share. You can find the link to submit these articles in your InfoBarrel toolbar while logged in.  Articles may be submitted to more than one appropriate topic, but will still only count as one submission for bonus purposes. Articles must fit the topic(s) they are submitted to or they will NOT count for the bonus.

By submitting articles to the Editorial Calendar, not only will you get the additional revenue share, your article might be featured on the front page of InfoBarrel and within the article's category. Featured articles also result in Achievement Points and Achievement Awards to your profile.

How to Earn Maximum Ad Share

Like all newly published articles, Editorial Calendar article submissions count toward the Writing Points contest.  If you reach at least 31 Writing Points and make at least 5 submissions to the Editorial Calender you can earn:

75% Basic Ad Share (everyone gets this)
10% Writing Point Ad Share (maximum assuming at least 31 Writing Points)
  5% Editorial Calendar Ad Share (maximum assuming at least 5 submissions)
90% Total Ad Share for the next month!

Additional Rules & Clarifications (the fine print)

  1. All articles involved in the contest must remain on the site in order to qualify for the prizes. Poorly written articles or those against the Infobarrel TOS are subject to removal. If articles are removed by you or us they do not count towards your Writing Point totals.
  2. If there is a tie, the writer with the highest number of words written during the contest period will win.
  3. You MUST submit your articles to a relevant topic in the editorial calendar for them to count towards bonus ad share.
  4. Infobarrel is an ad revenue sharing website. Percentage of ad share means the overall percentage of times that the ad codes you supply on your Advertising Profile get used on the views your articles generate. If someone referred you to Infobarrel they also receive 2% of the ad impressions. The remaining impressions use Infobarrel's ad codes.   

Any questions, please email Infobarrel staff via the Contact Us page.

Good Luck! 

The Infobarrel contest and idea of an editorial has evolved over many months, with changes to the way things work here. The official rules have also evolved in an attempt to reflect the changes.  In my successful quest to win the Dec 2011 contest I studied the contest rules, watched how things actually worked and asked questions in the forum to clarify how things worked. 

I thought the rules and benefits could be clearer with a rewrite, so I rewrote them and published my version here. These rules are unofficial but are based on my understanding of the contest rules as they exist on Feb 1, 2012. They are simply an attempt to clarify the rules and incorporate answers to common questions about the rules.  The official rules for the current contest can be found under the Contests tab

The Infobarrel contests help push Members to create more articles and better articles. Admin has posted a very useful article on how to create viral content. You can also look in the archive (bottom of every page) to see which articles have been most successful in attracting readers.  Poking around you will find articles with hundreds of thousands of views.  I hope the contests motivate you to write and maximize your ad share.  Good Luck!