Many people who have been flipping through the TV channels during most times of the day have caught an infomercial. Some people even remain on the channel to see more info about these infomercial products sold on TV. These common yet clever long format television ads are used to present products at length in a positive light. Infomercial basically combines the words information and commercial. Usually the ads last about 30 minutes or in some cases an hour. Shorter infomercials are about two to five minutes in length. Some of the people associated with infomercials these days are entrepreneurs such as Kevin Trudeau, Jeff Paul and Tony Little. Additionally, infomercials may use celebrities to help give support to the products so the consumer will be more likely to buy.

Traditionally, infomercials have included studio audiences who are amazed by the product, as the host takes them through its various features or benefits. There's also customer testimonials, which at times are extravagant and seem hard to believe. This is the "wow factor" which gets many people to buy the products, even though the fine print often indicates that results will vary. Results are most often given in informational ads that pitch fitness or financial infomercial products. Examples are those workout devices that will help you achieve flat abs in no time, or that moneymaking system that will turn you into a millionaire overnight. You may have seen infomercials for Tony Horton's P90X workout system where people claim they miraculously got into the best shape of their life in weeks. Or you've seen people giving testimonials about some moneymaking product, talking about how rich they've become and how easy it was. At times, it can be hard to tell how believable the people are in the infomercial and if they are really just paid actors.

Celebrities have also become involved in the world of infomercials. Some are part of the presentation, while others have turned to entrepreneurial efforts of their own. Examples are the George Foreman Grill, Susan Lucci's Malibu Pilates chair, or Cindy Crawford's Anti-aging Skin care creams. These celebrities have decided to cash in on the current tv infomercials market to make money using their star power. People tend to believe that if a famous person is pitching the product, it has to be something worthy of their money.

When making a decision on infomercials, buyers should exercise extreme caution. While watching the infomercial, keep an eye on the bottom of the screen during testimonials, and when the product info is being presented. It might be a really good idea to TIVO or record the ad to your DVR so you can view it more carefully using the pause feature. Many ads will post the text "individual results vary" as well as other notes in the fine print. This can lead to people buying products that include additional subscription fees or membership charges. While not all companies do this, there are a select bunch that do, and in that case you may wind up with extra charges you didn't originally plan on. However, if you've watched the infomercial and feel content with what they are presenting, give it a try. Many of these ads offer money back claims, so that you can send it back if it doesn't live up to the claims they've made. Always do your homework and play it safe when dealing with infomercial products sold on TV!