In the coming years it is expected that the mining and oil industry is going to continue to expand in size and this means that this is a sector that can give you great potential to expand your career.

Many people started off in these industries coming across from other sectors and moved in to the mining and oil industry because it was not only promising and growing sector, but also a very interesting one. Fly-in-fly-out or FIFO jobs are entailed towards off-shore or project site jobs that are usually in remote locations. These careers usually work on specific rosters where you work a week or two on locations and then fly home for your time off. Companies compensate well for these jobs but it is usually the lifestyle benefits that convince workers to take these jobs.

Advantages of FIFO

The first advantage of FIFO positions is your companies provides so much. Not only do they pay for your flights to and from the work site but they also provide you with accommodation and food - as well as usually a good array of social/fitness opportunities.

The second great advantage is the salaries, it is not uncommon for workers in the mines to make $75,000/year or more and when you take into consideration that most fly in fly out positions are 1 week on 1 week off or similar  - that is pretty good!

Bottom line

Employees admit that FIFO positions give them:

  • Job satisfaction

  • Stability

  • Better lifestyle

The only thing companies require from your end is commitment and sincerity towards your work.  You need to be daring and smart about juggling with priorities and if you feel you are the man who can handle the pressure then there is a rewarding career ahead of you. By the end of the day you will have a portfolio of jobs that you can share in your future job interviews. These experiences are notable for many employers and your commitment will speak for itself.

Where to start?

If you are new and you want to start your career here then you have to do a little research. These jobs are generally available through recruiters that you can find online and if you have some experience then you can use that to market yourself through your resume and in the interview.

For those with little or no experience, there are still opportunities as labourers or assistents but they are a lot harder to come across and  less chance that they will also include the FIFO benefits.