There were many jobs available in ancient Greece. Although slave labor reduced availability and lowered the cost of labor, people could still find jobs with great pay. 

          In ancient Greece, many people had no issue finding jobs, there was opportunities all over the place, waiting to be exploited. Greece was full of business. Many people became rich trading and selling things and for those who looked, the opportunities were endless. Despite this, many Greeks were poor. Most were not starving but they did not have much money to spare.  The economy in Greece revolved around agriculture, and farming was the most common occupation. There were thousands if not millions of farmers in ancient Greece. Some of these farmers were rich, but most were not.



Farming was a standard job for Greek men. Most of the jobs in ancient Greece revolved around farming. Many Greek citizens were able to own and farm a small piece of land. Most of the time these farmers did not have slaves although some of the wealthier farmers owned a slave or two. Small farmers, usually made a little money. Sometimes to pay bills, the farmers sent their kids to work, the men usually went into the military were they pay was very good. Farming was tough but many people managed to survive off of the land.



Being a merchant in ancient Greece was not hard. Most Merchants were middle and upper class people. Since foreigners could not own land in Greece, being a merchant was the next best thing. Thus, most of the merchants in Greece were foreigners. Being a merchant was lucrative, provided for stable income and necessitated knowledge versus the brawn need to be a farmer. On one voyage, to a foreign land to trade, merchants could get double digit returns on their investment in commodities. With the invention of loaning money, almost anyone could be a merchant. Some merchants got loans and financed a whole voyage to India from Greece. An average merchant, had 1-3 slaves. Some merchants made so much money, that they could own a whole village worth of people. Being a merchant was very lucrative but also dangerous. Traveling by land was dangerous because many thieves were on the road, so most merchants traveled by sea. This too was tough because the seas were rough. Many people died while at sea, also there were pirates who raided ships often. This made being a merchant very very scary.



Being a soldier was a huge honor in ancient Greece. Most young me from the ages of 16-30 became soldiers and in places like Sparta, almost all the men became soldiers. Soldiers were paid generally well. Most soldiers made enough to support their families, and during times of war, soldiers got a cut of the plunder meaning that some soldiers became very rich. Soldiers had to have their own armor. This meant, that poor people would have a hard time becoming soldiers because they needed armor. Instead these people joined the navy were armor was not required. Also older men joined the navy too. The military was essential in ancient Greece, even in Athens, a city state  of thinking, the military was important.