Where and how did America come out to be the way it is today? How did us, Americans get our traditions?  How did we come up with all of this fantastic architecture? The names, the language, how did we get our way of life? Well, it may be simpler than you thought, or more complex than you thought. Whatever the case, there is one thing for sure…America has been, and still is influenced by other countries.
I guess it’s a compliment to all these places. When you really think about it though, we did copy our culture, from all the other cultures around the world. Catholics believe in one God. This is called Monotheism. We get this from the Hebrews. We also get the moral code and respect for human life from the Hebrews. We also were influenced by a 7 days week. The story behind that is that God worked to create the world for 6 days, and on the 7th, he relaxed.  One last thing that we inherit from the Hebrews, are names! Do you know anyone named David, Michel, Rachel or Sarah? Well, their names are Hebrew. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are Jewish, but it simply means that the name they have, is from the Hebrews. The Jewish religion intertwined itself in American culture. Cool right?
If you live in America, you must be living under a rock if you have never seen the white house. You know those columns that hold up the front terrace? Well, the Greeks influence those columns. Yes, we were not the first to come up with the brilliant idea, they were. Columns have also become popular. Nowadays, they are seen at schools and even featured in homes! Interior or exterior. The Greeks also introduced drama and philosophy, both of which are highly used today, in the modern society. The Olympics as well, are brought from the Greeks. And again if you know anyone by the name of Stephen, Gregory, Nicole and or Katherine, they all have Greek names. This is further proof of how much the Greeks influenced western culture.
The names Mark Vincent, Julie and Emily are all names taken from the Romans. Not only does America take their names, but we take, or should I say, took their months.  January, February, March, all of the months have been taking from the Romans. I bet you didn’t know that the months July and August were taken from Julius Caesar and August! Well, you probably did know that. The alphabet and Roman Numerals were also taken from the Romans of course. Some architectural details and structures that we have copied from the Romans as well happen to be the dome, arch and also the ability to make a painting look real, and come to life.  
So America, although a great country, does get a lot of their traditions and styles of living from other countries and areas around the world. Greeks, Romans, the Hebrews. What will we do next? It is up to us to decide and make our future.