Why in the world would anyone want to purchase a 3 gallon water bottle? There are plenty of good reasons. While these water bottles are not exactly portable like many smaller items you can purchase, they make great household appliances that allow you to enjoy the fresh taste of water that both pure and necessary for good human health. You may have seen a three gallon water bottle in a school or church setting, but few people actually realize that they can invest in one of these bottles for a home setting. The greatest part is that most of these devices are very affordable on any budget.

Five Good Reasons to Buy a 3 Gallon Water Bottle

The immediate draw to a 3 gallon water bottle is the simple fact that it can hold so much liquid. If you or your family is constantly drinking water or some other liquid, owning this device is known to provide convenient access to high quality and often chilled water that tastes great. My family personally owns a three gallon water bottle by the company Everblue simply because it makes serving drinks to house guests much easier than pouring through a large number of water bottles or drinking from a tap. The simple convenience that this appliance will bring is well appreciated by many consumers.

Of course, a 3 gallon water bottle also comes with some other notable positives. Certain bottles, like those developed by the company Bluewave, are very lightweight and easy to carry around your house. While this is certainly not as light as a small sports bottle you would casually take to work or school every day, it is nice to know that it is portable enough that it can be moved around by even the smallest people among us. Additionally, you can find three gallon water jugs that come create from different materials.  Some are made from plastic, while others come in more unexpected forms like glass.

The right 3 gallon water bottle will also be odorless and not leave a residual taste in the water. The Bluewave BPA Free 3 Gallon Reusable Water Bottle is one of these devices that I have personally encountered in my school. Almost daily I would retreat to this water fountain to get a cool and refreshing drink that allowed me to escape the hot air outside. As an added plus, I also know that kids love to use these devices to get water for their own bodies. The immediate attraction people have to such a large water canteen is one reason why you will want to purchase one of these products for your home or business needs.


The final reason you should consider purchasing a 3 gallon water bottle is the simple fact that they can be used in case of an emergency. As hilarious as Y2K was in retrospect, my family was supplied to survive for at least a year or two in part because of a large number of three gallon jugs filled with water that they were keeping in our basement. While I do not believe the end of the world is coming around, one can never expect something as simple as a long term power outage that will leave you without water. Stocking up with one of these bottles will be sure to keep you comfortable and safe during the worst of times.

2 Three Gallon Jugs You Should Check Out Today!

The first 3 gallon water bottle I would like to highlight is one that has already been mentioned in this article. The Bluewave BPA Free 3 Gallon Reusable Water Bottle is a special H20 container because it has maintained high user ratings over a long period of time. Right now on most online store websites, you can find that this product has what is essentially a 5 star rating. This is great news, and is undeniably backed by the high quality products that Bluewave is known to produce. I have seen this device in action, and imagine you will be immediately impressed by its simplicity and performance.

An alternative 3 gallon water bottle you will want to examine for yourself is the Everblue 3 Gallon Plastic Water Bottle. I personally love this device because of its added faucet accessory that can be used to pump water out of its contained environment into your cup. The shape is also very unique as well, essentially coming in as a rectangle. This makes it very easy to set up this device on your kitchen counter for people to serve themselves drinks with ease. Again, this is a highly rated product that many people seem to love for the reasons I have mentioned throughout this article.

As you can well see, owning a 3 gallon water bottle is really an easy decision to make. These products are very affordable and work well in basically any setting. You will enjoy the high quality water that comes stored in these jugs.