There is something different about sleeping in waterbeds. These beds relieve stress and even people suffering from insomnia will sleep well in them. You will feel as if you are floating and you will fall asleep a short time after you lie on the bed. There is greater assurance of a good sleep if the beds come with great sheets that do not fall off no matter how much you move as you sleep. The sheets that must be used to cover waterbeds are the pocketed bedding or elasticized sheets. Otherwise, expect to wake up in the middle of the night because the sheet has fallen from your bed or it has moved up and entangled your body. You do not want any distraction from a good night's sleep so you must as well get appropriate waterbed sheets.

Numerous materials can be used to weave waterbed sheets and they include bamboo, various kinds of cotton, polyester, silk and satin. No particular fabric can be judged as better than the rest because consumers have different tastes and preferences. Bamboo is a natural fabric so it makes soft sheets that are great for consumers having sensitive skin. However, bamboo sheets are not offered in great quantities so they are not widely accessible. In addition, they are quite costly.

Cotton waterbed sheets are probably the most widely available sheets since cotton is a highly accessible fabric material. Many consumers love cotton bed sheets because these items are breathable, durable and have soft texture. Pima and Supima cotton sheets are deemed affordable while Egyptian cotton bedding items are quite costly. One of the biggest problems that are encountered by many users of cotton sheets is pilling.

Polyester waterbed sheets give a crisp feel to their users. There are some people who like crisp sheets but there are more people who prefer soft sheets. Two advantages of these sheets over other sheets are their being the easiest to maintain and their being generally cheaper than the rest. Silk and satin sheets have the most luxurious look among all sheets because they are shiny and lustrous. These sheets also have soft texture and they give great comfort to users. However, they are quite pricey and they are more difficult to maintain compared with bamboo, cotton and polyester sheets.