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In my article entitled “The Dangers of Slimming Tea,” it is evidently noted that laxative tea has undesirable long-term effects. For that reason, it is best to drink it occasionally. Another option you can do is to opt for other types of slimming tea that does not offer any laxative effects. One in particular are tea products that can increase your metabolism. There are numerous herbal infusions that may be categorized under the so-called “thermogenic herbs". This article will give you some examples of these types of tea and at the same time discussed their safety and effectiveness. So, without further ado, here is a list of laxative slimming tea alternatives you can opt for. 

Oolong and Green tea

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Green tea is today’s most popular beverage for being health friendly. One of its noted benefits is aiding in weight loss by acting as a stimulant and increasing your body’s metabolism. For that reason, this herb is first in the list of laxative slimming tea alternatives you can take. What about its safety and effectiveness? As you know, this herbal product has caffeine components.  Hence, it is safe for daily consumption as long as you don’t drink beyond the recommended cups, which is four to five cups. As for its effectiveness, numerous studies have already supported its efficacy. However, its slimming effects are only minimal. Meaning, it will take weeks to lose one pound of body weight just by taking green tea alone. It may even be less effective depending on your diet and workout plans. You can read more about this specific topic in this article entitled “Can Drinking Green Tea Help you Lose Weight?”.

Considering that both Oolong and green tea came from the same plant, which is Camellia sinensis, they may have the same weight loss effects. But, since both herbal teas have undergone a different manufacturing process, there is a difference between their constituents and efficacy. To be exact, one study confirmed that Oolong tea’s efficacy to increase one’s metabolic rate is higher compared to its counterparts. However, since it also has more caffeine, it is best to limit your intake to two cups per day. 


Originating from Brazil is another alternative you can take is porangaba tea. Like the others mentioned above, it also has caffeine. For that reason, its main weight loss effect is to increase your metabolic rate. But, this herb contains more than just caffeine. Potassium, allantoin and allantoic acid are other valuable constituents present in this herb. These constituents make this herbal infusion a natural diuretic and appetite suppressant.

To take this supplement, just drink it 30 minutes before meals. But, remember, always consult your physicians especially if you are taking some medications. 

Yerba Mate

Yerba maté is another laxative slimming tea alternative you can try. This is another herbal infusion that contains caffeine. Hence, one of its slimming effects concern your metabolism. In addition to that, it is also noted that drinking this beverage can suppress your appetite. Considering these two effects, it is definitely an effective weight loss supplement you can take. But, we are not done yet. So, is this product safe for daily consumption? Yerba maté should only be consumed moderately. This is because of its high caffeine content. Hence, pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid this product. Aside from that, people with hypertension and thyroid problems should also refrain from taking this beverage. Lastly, if you feel any undesirable effects such as dizziness, headaches, palpitations and other signs of nervous tensions; you should immediately discontinue using this product.

Dandelion root

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Dandelion is widely considered a garden pest. But, Ann Louise Gittleman begs to differ. For those who doesn’t know her, she is the best-selling author of the flush fat diet books that are very popular today. Going back to the main topic, according to her, dandelion is another herb that is effective in flushing fat and cleansing our bodies. This is because of its diuretic effects. Aside from that, this herb has also been used as a liver tonic and to purify blood in the ancient times. You can learn more about this specific laxative slimming tea alternative by watching the video below. 


Various herbal infusions for weight loss are now everywhere. But, don’t just buy these products because it’s the current “hype” or because it is labeled “effective”. Not all of these products are safe and effective. Remember, most food supplements are not tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Hence; quality, safety and effectiveness is not 100% guaranteed. With that being said, the best way for you to make sure that  you are purchasing a good product is to do some research and read product reviews. Lastly, you should only opt for products with scientific claims and positive feedback.  

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