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Egypt satellite phones are as important as the wide array of phones in the world. Phones are a very important device relevant to human development and progress. It is a means of communication that defy distance and location. It is one of the most remarkable achievement of man; a very notable invention that plays a significant role in the success of many human endeavors. It allows transmission of information; it connects people from all nooks of the Earth and makes things possible through its amazing features and capability to notify. Thus, almost every person all over the world has it; or wants to have one of it. It comes in various types, sizes, models and brands, and capacity to transfer and receive information through calls or short messaging.


In Egypt, satellite phones are essential to the Egyptians’ everyday life and living. Although, the Egypt satellite phones are quite different from the phones that we are used too, they serve the same purpose – a means of communication that will benefit the people from all walks of life.  Phones serve many different purposes to every individual and they are unique gadgets that amazed the world with its distinct ability to link people.

Direct Satellite Connection in Egypt

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Looking much exactly the same as the phones that we are used to, Egypt satellite phones are used by the people in Egypt to communicate. The only exception is that, their handsets are not connected through building posts used for wiring. What helps Egypt’s phone users to carry a single connection to various places is the direct satellite connection – which make communication possible in the sea, air, and other countries all over the world. Normal rates apply in these connection services. As much as possible, we also need to know about the Egypt satellite phones to understand its difference from other phones, to learn its limitations, and to uncover its unique attributes.

People around the world are excited about recent phone creations, they want to keep track of the latest inventions and phone models; Egypt is not an exception. Egypt satellite phones also perform effectively when it comes to communication concerns. With its availability, people would no longer worry about how to connect with their loved ones, and their friends from all over the world. These satellite phones make their dream a reality; a vision that is fulfilled through an amazing creation. So, let us look into this satellite phones and see where we can find them.

Where to Get the Egypt Satellite Phones?


There are spreading services provider in the country where people can get the Egypt satellite phones.  Through these numerous services provider, people can know and learn more about satellite phones, their uses, how to use them, and how much would it cost them if they would get one. Among the most used services in Egypt is Al-Thuraya. They offer a wide range of services such as the broadband for browsing the internet at a significant speed, and many others. They can also avail of the efficient services of Iridium and Inmarsat Satellite Phones which concurrently in the nation’s telecommunication industry.


In order to easily choose a service provider, it is important that you read the tariff charts. Though, these service providers are very much alike in most cases and their services are readily available for all customers. Most of the Middle East, Europe, North and Central Asia to Australia and Eastern Africa are covered by Thuraya and Iridium when you are around Egypt. But Inmarsat makes travel easier for many Egyptians as it is working on the same design. Thuraya actually provides cost-effective satellite-based mobile telephone services to nearly one-third of the world. It creates a dual-mode satellite handsets and products that improve the freedom of movement and connectivity. Three powerful technologies combine their handsets, the satellite, GSM, and GPS which allow users to flexibly avail faultless connectivity outside global network and uses global positioning outline.

Egypt Satellite Phones: Calls and Expenses


All over the world, calls are usually expensive depending on the network that the person is calling. Same network calls definitely have lower rates than calls from one network to another. How to use satellite phones in Egypt? Satellites are the most significant features in this industry. There are satellite operators that make their network works via satellite and not through cell towers like some other mobile operators. It is a special feature of this device that allows them to work in a global setting, even in the vast ocean and deserts. SIM cards are readily available for anyone for purposes of calling and other phone communications.

Pricing for the phone call services vary too. Satellite phone services are quite distinct and very practical way to communicate or send any message out at a very considerable price. These satellite phones allow for data transmission; some service providers also open up a world of roaming, which allows customers to receive calls from different parts of the world. Although some of the services cost high, they are also justifiable; for sure, you can get the best of what you are paying for. With Egypt satellite phones, your experience will be more expansive, more intense, and more meaningful. It will create a difference in your life as it provides you with the brand of service that you deserve.


Whether you are in Egypt or travelling across the seas, Egypt satellite phones will always provide you the kind of service that you really need for communication and data or information transmission. The satellite phones allow you to explore the world through effective services, very dependable gadgets, and reliable connectivity that will never allow you to get frustrated. The Thuraya, the Iridium, and many others are one in their goal – to provide excellent services to their growing clients and give the best for their customers’ satisfaction. Egypt satellite phones creates an ambiance of comfort and ease, fast and reliable connection, strong signal across different landscapes and circumstances, these phones truly provide excellent global voice link that will amaze and amuse everyone.