Refrigerators are a common sight in kitchens. Invented in the 1800s, these appliances transformed the way we look at food storage. It wasn't long before consumers began to want the convenience of refrigerators in places other than the kitchen. This prompted appliance manufacturers to come up with the ideas of a mini refrigerator. A compact version of a traditional refrigerator, these mini refrigerators allow consumers to store food in places that, at one time, were impossible.

Haier is one of the top four manufacturers of white goods in the world. Many of their products, including refrigerators, have received recognition as a "top brand"  in China. In 2008, Haier was named the 13th most reputable company in the world by the Reputation Institute and received the Home Channel News Golden Hammer Award for Major Appliances. Their appliances are Energy Star qualified and UL certified.

Haier offers several models of mini refrigerators. On the lower end of their price range is the HRT02WNC model. A refrigerated cooler with a 1.7 cubic foot capacity, this fridge offers a flat back design that enables you to place it directly against the wall and a reversible door for your convenience. A recessed handle adds to the sleek look. Inside, you will find a full width adjustable shelf that can accommodate 2 Liter bottles. The door has a full and a half width shelf for additional storage.

In the middle price range is the new HMSE03WAWW, a refrigerator/freezer combination with 3.3 cubic foot of storage space. The freezer compartment is full width and features manual defrost. The refrigerator has three full width shelves and an adjustable thermostat. Canned drink fans will enjoy the “Dispense-A-Can† storage bin in the door. The door also has two half width and one full width shelf for additional storage. A security lock with key ensures access to the refrigerator is limited.

Model MHR-5, a frost-free microfridge, is on the upper end of the price range. This refrigerator comes with separate freezer and refrigerator compartments, each with their own door. The freezer has a full width shelf and comes with an ice cube tray. The refrigerator section has two full width shelves that slide out. This model also comes with the "Dispense-A-Can"  system in the door, as well as a full width and two half width shelves. The fridge has interior lighting, allowing you to see all 4.9 cubic foot of storage space easily.

When choosing a Haier mini refrigerator, you should consider how much storage you want, as well as any features you need. Read reviews from other consumers to learn of any potential problem areas before you purchase.

Basic models can be purchased for around $63; nicer models with more features are priced around $170. It pays to comparison shop between several stores to find the best price. If you come across a store offering a sale on Haier refrigerators, look for a store that offers a low price guarantee. They will usually beat the sale price to win your business, allowing you to get a substantial discount. Haier refrigerators are available for sale at most places appliances are sold.