Every recreational vehicle owner wants the best rv sewer hose to expel the content in their holding tanks efficiently with no problems. If you need a new rv drain hose, make sure to buy a heavy duty one that comes with proper support and storage options. These simply rv accessories will help to prolong the life of your sewer hose for several important reasons.

rv sewer drain hose support and storage tubeCompanies like Valterra and Camco rv sewer hoses are some of the popular models that are used on many recreational vehicles across the world. When buying a sewer hose for your rv, make sure to get a complete kit and not just the hose itself. The additional supplies like support fittings and holders will help to keep your hose off the ground and not kinked or twisted so that there is no blockage on the way to the dumping station.

Another important accessory for your sewer hose kit for your rv is a storage tube, carrier or holder. An rv sewer hose storage unit will be attached to the outside of the rv so that the hose does not get damaged when you are on the road or when the vehicle is not in use. Most of the sewer hoses are plastic, so if an object hits it while driving or moving the rv, they can get damaged. The one thing you do not want to have is a damaged sewer drain hose.

If you have an old rv sewer hose or one that may need repair, it is best to replace it before going out on your next trip. If you have aholding tank and need to dump waste on the road, you will need a properly functioning drain hose to connect to the drain valve of your rv holding tank to the rv park's dump station or waste sewer line. Depending on which hose you get and what type of gear you have on your rv, you may need additional fittings and adapters to make the whole system owrk properly.

If you are just starting to research different rv sewer hose options, Camco rv products and Valterra hoses are a good place to begin reading up on the different types and sizes of rv hoses available for sale. You can learn about EZ Flush drain hoses, couplers and fittings to see if these products are right for your rv setup. If you are an rv novice, getting the advise of a professional may be a good idea.