You have the desire to write, earn, and make a name for yourself on the internet. You start writing and not much is happening; then you might ask yourself how to get it going.

Things You Will Need

Information on how to market yourself

Knowledge on sites you can write for

Ability to write well in English - most site request you writing in English

Information on how to collect payment, how you can get paid.

Organizations skills to help you archive your articles elsewhere then on the site you write for.

Step 1

Set up an online account to collect payments Know the requirements on how a network will pay you for your on line work.
Let's start with the beginning; make sure you have a way of collecting money for your work. There is the most common a good trusted site; make sure you read all the small prints. Once you open an account with them you don't need to make it any complicated , just sign for the account - it's not necessary to get a credit card with them or any other additional services. Then there are other "sisters" site for that, however, it's best to go with one that most people use and trust.

Step 2

Set an email account for your writings

Create some email accounts where you want the communications going; use those easy to access - it is suggested Google, Yahoo or your personal business email eventually; designate one of your e-mails you want to keep all the info about your on line writing business and create some files where you also save your article you write. Your file can be on the e-mail system or other documents like OpenOffice or Microsoft.

Step 3

create a publisher account Learn how to monetize, get advertisers to have their adds on your page and pay you when a
reader click on their adds. In order to do that, you want to open and create a publisher account
that you can use wherever the network create that option for you. It's going to be a small amount, but be patient. Example to use is: AdSense with Google, Kontera, Amazon, Ebay and more.

Step 4

Join some networks Make connections online on your networks you joined; social media like Facebook, Myspace, Digg, Yahoobuz, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Flickr, Plaxo is one of my favorites . Once you have your profile listed and made a few friends, you can share your work with those networks. Write on a few site, like this you give yourself exposure to more then one audience kind and catch the attention of a different crowd. Start with Infobarrel, Triond, eHow, it's always more to be found out there.
In closing, once all this is done you feel like you have a plan!

You know you like to write, you got the idea how networks will pay you; stay organized with your
emails and files.

You know you have a crowd there waiting to read your work and rate it accordingly.

Tips & Warnings

Make the title of your article sound interesting;

Write from the heart, express your passion on the subject.

If you have some info on one subject, do a little more research and expand your vision and
write a little more detailed article.

Don't give up if you don't hit the jack pot soon enough; it's persistence that will take you to the top.

Read others' article and make some friends on each site you write, comment and recommend other people's work; they will return the favor!

Happy writing!