Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy

Infrared heat therapy makes use of a range of infrared heat lamps, saunas and moxibustion to alleviate inflammation and pain, stimulate weight loss, boost immunity, promote healing of wounds, stimulate cardiovascular function and much more. Extensive clinical research has been done on this kind of therapy to prove its efficacy and effectiveness in pain relief and treating a host of health problems.

Infrared heat lamp therapy is also referred to as radiant heat therapy, and has been used by the Chinese for centuries as has moxibustion. Radiant therapy has been widely publicized for its many benefits especially for helping people lose weight. With all the hype about weight loss, infrared saunas became very popular. However, with the sauna there are risks of heatstroke or heat exhaustion to be considered.

Near Infrared Heat Lamp

Infrared heat lamp therapy is a whole different ball game and no, a lamp is not just a lamp. Take the Near Infrared Heat Lamp - Floor Model, which research has shown to be an excellent one. The lamp (Heat Therapy & Light Therapy) 110V and comes with the bulb and a 6 months warranty. The product is made in Korea and has some really great features.

Before we take a look at the Near Infrared Heat Lamp’s features and pricing, let us stop a moment Infrared Heat Therapy Lampto consider what to look for when buying an infrared heat therapy lamp. Key factors to consider include:

 Wavelength range
 Wattage
 Voltage
 Bulb life hours
 Operation temperature

Now that we have some idea of what to look for when buying an infrared heat lamp, let’s move on to examining the features of the Near Infrared Heat Lamp. While it is agreed that price is a major deciding factor in any purchase, remember, buy cheap and you get cheap not just in price but quality and performance as well.

The greatest benefit in buying the Near Infrared Heat Lamp is the adjustable goose neck. Heat and light therapy is often used in conjunction with acupuncture and s one very satisfied acupuncturist commented, the adjustable neck allows for worry free, reliable work. The lamp’s features include:

• 110V adjustable heat with easy to maneuver dial control
• Silent timer clockwise for 60 minutes
• Covered lamp protection for 3 times lifespan
• Solid 5 starred base with wheels for easy maneuverability
• Portability – useful in clinics, offices, schools, homes, etc.

Another excellent feature and benefit of the lamp is the perfect penetration of the skin without the use of high heating temperatures that can be dangerous to the person. From simple stiff necks to more complex ailments like cancer, the benefits of infrared heat therapy with the use of the Near Infrared Heat Lamp can be quite dramatic.

In the Near Infrared Heat Lamp users find the perfect infrared heat lamp with its excellent features, highly reliable performance, durability and cost effective price. This infrared heat therapy lamp is available on Amazon.  You can also check out additional product information and infrared heat lamp reviews there.

What’s the good word in the market about the product? The Near Infrared Heat Lamp has a solid five star rating on Amazon. Every single person that used the lamp is a very satisfied customer. The adjustable goose neck, temperature setting options, controller and deep penetration are all worthy features of an infrared heat therapy lamp.