Infrared portable heaters are a tremendous asset. Let me say that to begin since we ourselves as a family have had one now for well over a year and have gone through the northern winter using it. Some may think that portable room heaters may get in the way or look awkward or perhaps are even dangerous. While some indeed may fit that description we have found that our infrared heating system has none of those qualities and gives us a tremendous cozy warm heat feeling around our home.

infrared portable heaters
There are a variety of infrared portable heaters on the market to choose from. After much research our family personally chose the comfort zone heater. Another for example would be the iheater infrared portable heater or you may like to research similarly the ceramic portable heater to decide which is best for your needs. General portable electric space heaters in my opinion do not put out the same level of evenly distributed warm heat as does infrared portable room heaters. These type of heaters claim they actually heat up the objects in the room and there by more evenly distributing the warmth throughout the area. A normal portable electric space heater pours out heat in one area mainly and does not disperse as evenly and effeciently.

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Certainly I am not an expert on explaining the workings of such infrared heaters but can indeed testify for the fact that they really do give a wonderful cozy (non-dry) heat within our home. The power consumption is also very low for these heating systems. Ours has helped us save literally hundreds of dollars over the entire late fall/winter and early spring (in the north) cold season. The one we have heats an area of up to one thousand square feet. Our home is larger than this so we use it to compensate for our regular thermostat house heat (or our wall heat as we've come to call it).

These are some of the features of why we like our portable infrared heater: We really like the fact that it looks more like a piece of furniture than a heater. It does not get hot to the touch either which is a great quality. We have a plant laid on top of it with a doily . There is no fear of it getting hot or burning. It's as quiet as as can be. It comes with a remote (at least the one we purchased does). It can be programmed to come on or go off at specific times which is really great if you want to save even more while you are away from your home all day. You can program the heat to come on an hour or so before you come home and warm the house up for you while saving you the cost of it being on all day. Another advantage of the remote which we great like and utilize is that you can turn the heater up or down with its digital display while sitting comfortably in your chair. This leads to the obvious feature that you can set the infrared portable heater on what ever temperature you desire. We like to keep ours at a comfortable 72 degrees although my wife disputes this to be more comfortable at 68 or lower. I'm a heat lover what can I say.
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If you're in the market for portable room heaters our recommendation is certainly for the infrared portable heaters. If your home is fairly large you may even want to purchase a couple to more adequately "cozify" your home. We are thinking seriously about purchasing another to save even more money over the cold-season and heat our home better rather than having to turn up our "wall-heat" and watch the money for heating fly out the window.