Splashes of Orange

My Kitchen
Credit: Photo by Julie Grimes

Adding hints of color throughout your home is a fun surprise for everyone who comes to visit.

My Kitchen Stove Area
Credit: Photo taken by Julie Grimes

Another angle of my stove area.

Budgeting and Planning for Style

Whether you are decorating in orange, painting walls, or building a house – the key is planning.  Even small makeovers can end up costing too much money.  Purchasing a fairly inexpensive gallon of paint comes easy, but, drop clothes, paint brushes, paint liners and painter's tape, adds up quickly at the cash register.  If there are plans to use wallpaper, keep in mind the cost of seam glue, wallpaper trays, and cutting shears. A good pair of wallpaper scissors can run upwards to fifty dollars.  

Every good project has a well thought out plan, with a reasonable budget. The best place to start is by investing some time in calculating a budget. When I wanted to give my off-white kitchen a cozy feel, I started at the basics. I sat down with a pen in my hand, and wrote an itemized list of all the things I wanted to change.  I then went through merchandisers' sale flyers, and did some price comparisons online.  I took the top dollar amount shown, and pencilled it in my wish list.  When I had gathered up all the numbers, I times that number by a percentage.  It is imperative that when you are making a budget, take the estimated costs that you have come up with, and times that by at least 20%.  That 20% cushion pays for the unseen expenses you didn't account for, as well as sale tax and shipping costs.

This extra cost cushion allows people the affordability to explore, decide, and buy the right supplies. To create a favorable outcome for your decorating and building projects, having a finely tuned cost estimate, can make or break the budget.  Good sound budgets and cost estimates, gives a homeowner the freedom to choose nice lighting fixtures, custom cabinetry designs, top quality paint, and buy a decorative item or two such as, an area rug, espresso maker, or loveseat.  There is such a thing as affordable luxury.  Being smart about your purchases is also a big bonus to landing you exactly what you are after.  I am a bargain shopper through and through. The total costs to date for my beige kitchen/hearth room transformation has been about $400.00 USD.  I purchased all my painting supplies on sale.  Purchased a wool area rug on a clearance sale.  My brand new interior lighting and chandelier were all bought from a closeout sale.  And, I have purchased all my fun orange knickknacks at garage sales, flea markets, and online.  I am always looking for that one big bargain.  I keep my needs list in my purse, and when I see a great bargain, I am ready to snatch it up and bring it home.  

Designing Ingredients

How To Video Guide


Not just wanting to add a few decorative accent pieces to the kitchen?  

Looking to possibly paint a bedroom orange?  You have landed on the right webpage.  


Bright Orange and White Tones

Using Area Rugs For Breathing New Life In A Room

Do you have other areas of the home, which may need a fresh coat of paint and a new trendy infused look?  Try breathing new life into an old room by painting the walls a dark burnt orange, or by simply adding an orange-colored area rug, like I did. People living in ranch style homes (built in the 1950's or 1960's), are in luck. Most homes built around that timeframe used door and window trim, which was void of any groves.  Rather the wood trim was smooth, flat, and had a slight rounded outside edge.  In the construction industry, it was called Modern casing, and it was extraordinarily popular.  Modern casing was made of yellow pine wood, and stained a dark Spanish oak color.   Nowadays- it looks old and yellowed from wear.  However, with a little liquid sandpaper, some elbow grease, and a paint brush- you can now paint that Modern casing a pale grey, white, or beige color, and wow, you have a brand new room. It is amazing how freshly painted can instantly transform a space from boring to fun.  A great color combination to use for a media room or game room, is burnt orange and pale grey.  Trust me, you'll love it!  Tired of the old look of wood parquet flooring?  No problem..., paint the floor a black and white checkerboard pattern, and use a colorful orange area rug as the accent piece. And, Bam!  You have a new media or game room, for pennies on the dollar, but, with lasting positive enhancements.  

More Flaming Color Kitchen Accents

My orange espresso maker.

Orange Kitchen Accents
Credit: Photo taken by Julie Grimes

Pictured are my espresso maker, utensil crock, and beech wood (painted) salt and pepper mill.  

Wool Pottery Barn Rug

Orange Pottery Barn Rug
Credit: Photo taken by Julie Grimes

I found this great wool rug for less than a hundred dollars, at a clearance sale in a Pottery Barn store in Kansas City. The day I purchased the rug, I never thought in a million years that I'd be buying a rug that day.  Be prepare to find the best items, at the weirdest times and do not forget to never pay full retail!

Salt Crocks Found At Marshalls

Using Different Color Shades

Pictured are a salt crock and ceramic noodle cullender. 

Trivia Unique To The Fruity Color

Here's Some Fun Facts

In Feng Shui orange is an Earth Element. It is recommended when decorating with orange to use it sparingly, in order to promote warmth and friendship in a given area.

  1. Psychologically, the color orange is said to give a person more energy and promote creative motivation.

  2. Foods of the earth that are the color orange are apricots, mangoes, oranges, peaches, carrots, pumpkins, yams, and saffron. Keep this in mind when decorating. Putting out a large bowl of orange colored fruit, makes a nice added touch to a kitchen island or dinner table.

  3. The color orange actually stimulates hunger.

  4. In the marketing and advertising industry, the color orange is used because it represents freshness in people's minds automatically.

  5. The Engineering industry is also represented by the color orange .

  6. Research suggests that more than 70% of the US population consume orange juice.

  7. Brazil is the largest producer of oranges in the world.

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