- The scenery is fantastic and well made
- There are good actors in this movie


- The script isn't of the highest quality
- Makes fun of how the Nazis rules Europe and in some aspects of the Jewish Holocaust as well
- Is historically way off the mark
- Makes Nazis look ridiculous which may offend many people

Full Review

Inglorious Bastards is a movie by Quentin Tarantino which stars Brad Pitt. It is a fictional story of a group of Jewish American soldiers who are sent to Nazi Occupied France for the sole purpose of killing Nazi soldiers.

Apart from that, the story revolves around a Nazi propaganda film which is scheduled to be played in Paris in front of Nazi dignitaries, including Hitler, Goebbels, and others.

Naturally, the Allies find this a good opportunity to get rid of them all and they want the bastards to do it.

The film features many bloody scenes and the text is in English, German, and French.

In Closing

This isn't one of Tarantino's best movies. You will find the script weaker that it usually is and the violence often out of place and exaggerated like the scene in which one of the Jewish soldiers bats a Nazi officer in the head for sport.

The movie will not sit well with you if you're Jewish or interested in World War II history. Other that that, the acting is good and the movie is well delivered.

Personally, I didn't enjoy it and thought of living in the middle on more than one occasion.