One of the latest natural skin care ingredients especially for dry skin to hit the headlines is cotton. Cottonseed oils can help with skin hydration and will help to lock in the skins natural moisture. There are also certain toxins and chemicals that you should avoid and stay well clean of. These chemicals are propylene which is found in antifreeze, methylisothiazoline, isopropyl alcohol, formaldehyde, and sodium lauryl sulphate which is found in engine degreaser.

If you are looking to help lighten and fade sun and age spots look for a skin care ingredient called liquorice extract. Lots of today's top skin care creams and protects contain it, use it for a few months and you should see a marked improvement to your skin. Another ingredient to look for in your skin creams is an anti oxidant called astaxanthin, this super antioxidant is derived from natural oils and is said to have rejuvenating and regenerating properties. It is also an anti inflammatory which will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes and plump up the skin. It will also give your skin the natural protection it needs from the toxins that are contained within the environment to protect it from damage.

Some makes of anti wrinkle creams in the marketplace today will contain shark cartilage. This ingredient is said to help in the production of elastin and collagen to the skin. Which is going to leave it looking plumper, firmer and much younger looking. Shark cartilage is also anti angiogenic and anti inflammatory.

Another thing to look for in your skin creams is sun protection. One ingredient which is going to help with sun protection is an ingredient called tocopherol. This ingredient is found in most of today's best sunscreens and face creams, because it is said to optimize protection against the suns harmful UV rays. It is also said to help stimulate collagen production which is going to help in making your skin look much younger.

Your hair quality is also going to make you look younger, if you are looking to improve how your hair looks. Look for concentrated organic silica in your haircare products. This ingredient will help in building up keratin, which will allow your hair to repair and rebuild itself. This ingredient is derived from sea shells.