healthy cake recipe
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When you are looking to bake from healthy cake recipes you have a lot of options to make that cake healthier for you and your family. From the earliest cakes made through history to today there are certain ingredients that show up in many of them. A cake is defined as a baked flour convection. Traditionally a cake is made from eggs, milk and some form of fat. Of course these ingredients have substitute ingredients you can use in the cake to achieve healthy cake recipes with ease. You can substitute almost any nut for another nut. Choose the healthier ones like almonds which have a high Vitamin E content. Or choose the healthier pistachios or hazelnuts instead of other nuts.

What Can Be Substituted In Cake Recipes?

If you are looking to cut calories or perhaps are a vegetarian and are looking for healthy cake recipe options there are some ingredients you can substitute easily with little to no noticeable change in texture or taste. This is especially true when you add other flavorings that will cover the taste of the substituted ingredients. Some of these substitutions that will make your healthy cake recipe healthier are:

  • Generally if you are going for less salt then almost all cake recipes work with unsalted butter versus the salted version. In fact if you use salted butter you can cut out the additional pinch or portion of a teaspoon.
  • Most skim or low fat milks can be substituted for whole milk to get a healthy cake recipe with fewer calories and fat. But don’t try it on custards or puddings as they require the dairy fat for texture and flavor.
  • Another easy substitute for a healthy cake recipe is to substitute for 1 cup of sour cream with 1 cup of plain yoghurt or choose the low fat version of yoghurt for even less fat and calories.
  • For a healthy cake recipe and also fewer calories and fat substitute 3 Tablespoons butter and 7/8th cup of low fat milk instead of using 1 cup of whipping cream. You probably won’t be able to tell the difference in the taste and texture with any of these.

Another Way To Achieve Healthy Cakes

You can do other things to make healthy cake recipes when you make specific ingredient choices. These choices generally are in the type of ingredients that you choose. For example, you can choose whole wheat pastry flour instead of while all purpose flour in a healthy cake recipe. It may not be that easy to find but you can probably order it online if you choose. This whole wheat pastry flour has less gluten so it is still light and won’t destroy the fine texture of your cake. Using whole wheat flours mean you get more fiber, nutrients and antioxidants than using white flour. White flour is processed from the same wheat grain 80% of the good things are removed so for healthy cake recipes choose whole wheat pastry flour.