Many people desire to own an inground pool. It provides all the fun of a pool without the eyesore. It also greatly adds to the value of a house. When people buy a swimming pool however they usually don't think that much about pool maintenance. This is very unfortunate because keeping a pool clean can be a big chore if you don't plan properly. There are several types of inground pool filters. There are also ways to save on the cost if you know what you are doing.

There are three main kinds of inground filters: sand, filter cartridge and diatomaceous earth. A sand filter works by forcing the water through sand. Filter cartridge systems are becoming more and more common. Water flows thorough a cartridge and debris is caught by the filter substrate. Diatomaceous earth works similar to a sand filter. However, the diatoms are much finer than sand. This is why it produces the cleanest water.

So which system should you choose? Probably a filter cartridge system. Purex pool filters are quite popular. For most people, convenience will be the most important thing. There are some cartridges that can last a whole season. Sand and diatomaceous earth filters often need to be cleaned every few weeks. This really depends on who you are and how much time you have.

So how to get cheap inground pool filters? This is important because filters are not exactly inexpensive. The best tip really is to buy online and compare the pricing on multiple websites. Retail stores are usually not the best places to buy pool filters because they have higher costs. Many places also pay their salespeople on commission. Aggressive sales tactics are not unheard of at pool stores. In great contrast, looking at multiple websites is pressure-free and only takes a few minutes of your time.