What happens to peoples assets when they pass away? Well if the deceased took the time to make a will then all that persons assets will be distributed according to that will. And in a best case situation it will be about three to four months before everything gets worked out in the courts before all the assets are properly distributed to the right heirs.

What if there is no will? Then what? Well what happens is the case will go into what is called the probate process. What the probate process does is it determines who is going to get what from the deceased's assets. It's usually decided by who is next akin by bloodline of course. And with the probate process scenario if everything goes smoothly we are still looking at three to four month window before asset distribution.

And I haven't even touched on the things that can put a snag on this process by several more months if not years. These include the contesting of a wills. As long as someone is contesting a will the probate will remain open carrying out the process further. There is also disputes between heirs and the creditors where the heirs feel what the creditors are demanding of the estate is not just. Overall there is just a myriad of issues that can hold up someone's inheritance in the courts for along time.

So what is one to do if you need funds right away from that inheritance. Well there is good news because you got options here. There are companies that are willing to give you a cash advance on you inheritance while it is being dragged out through the courts. And what's great about these cash advances is it does not matter what your credit score is or your employment status is. All the matters is that you are the rightful heir the pending inheritance that's all. Best of all these advances are worked out in a fashion where you don't make monthly payments and you never incur interest. It's the perfect solution for those needing cash while their inheritance is tied up in the courts.