Many people think that the countryside is much safer than urban areas. In a way, it is. There are less vehicles, less pollution, and people are not congested unlike in big cites. However, these folks should still consider that there are also a number of dangers that can only be acquired in the countryside, especially in a farm. One main cause of farm injuries is the different equipment used in farming.

If you own a farmland and you use farming equipment such as threshers, combines, riding mowers and hay processors, you should take note that these pieces of equipment may cause injury, especially to children. Some of these injuries include:

  • Pinch injuries – This type of injury is caused by two moving parts of farming equipment. If a piece of clothing or body part gets caught between the two parts, the person would sustain a pinching injury.

  • Wrap injuries – Equipment with rotating components may put to risk the lives of people.

  • Cuts – Machines that have blades or hard and sharp edges may cause cuts and wounds to people nearby.

  • Injuries caused by thrown objects – Some farming equipment such as the mower may throw large stones and metal objects while it is in operation.

  • Crush injuries – Big tractors and other equipment may crush children who get in their path.

You would not want any children to get hurt because of your farming equipment, would you? In that case you should take the initiative and follow the steps given below:

  • Never allow children to wander around the farm.

  • Only allow trained people to operate farming equipment.

  • People and kids should be careful when driving all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

  • Keep the farm equipment in good working condition.

These are just some tips in order for you to avoid farm equipment injuries in your area. There are also lots of resources in the Internet that can educate you of other ways to keep your farm equipment safe.

Farm machinery and equipment are important in farming areas because they make tasks much easier and faster. However, if farm equipment owners do not know how to observe the safety of the people and children around them, these machineries would just cause them trouble.