Normally you buy a printer one time but you need to replace the ink cartridges regularly which can become very expensive.Every time you print, no matter how small, you are using that expensive ink.Here are 6 simple tips to save money on ink cartridges for printers.

1.Print only when you really must! You will save ink by being economical.We often make unnecessary printouts and waste expensive ink in the process.Often you need to print only a small part of a web page, not the whole page because you do not need all the colorful advertising banners it contains and heavy graphics.Choose what you really need and print out just that.Pictures and graphics consume a lot of ink compared to text.

If you are going to print out information from a web page, check to see if it has a print version.If there is no print version available, just copy and paste the text you need in to a notepad (for Windows users) and print it out.Planning and double checking what you are printing is always a good thing.

2.Use the quick print preview! Epson, HP, Dell, Canon and other brand name printers come with a CD that contains a printer driver (you can also download it for free from the manufacturers web site).It contains a very useful function called "print preview".Using this function you can preview how it will look after you have taken a print out of it.

The "print preview" is especially handy if you are printing out directly from the web because the printed version often looks different from the one that you see on the web site.This helps you to get the printout of the material you really need and nothing else.

3.Turn of your printer when you are not using it! When it comes to ink cartridges for printers, the air causes the ink to dry in the nozzles and affects the quality of the printing.The print heads remain directly exposed to air if the printer is not shut down.

4.Try using a ink saving software! There are lots of ink saving software's available on the Internet that are specifically designed to reduce the ink consumption. You will get good quality printout using these applications using less ink.

5.Be smart! If you are not using your printer regularly, do a simple printing test every week because this prevents the ink cartridges from drying up.

6.Keep your printer at room temperature! When it comes to ink cartridges for printers, variation in room temperature is bad.Avoid keeping your printer in too cold or hot temperature to avoid damage in the printer and in the cartridges.

Also, I recommend buying high quality printer ink cartridges.I know they cost a bit more than clones but they will also work as they are supposed to.In some cases it may actually be cheaper to buy a new printer that includes ink cartridges than just buying new cartridges, this is something you need to consider the next time when you are shopping for ink for your printer.