Over the years, LG computer monitors have improved in quality. Some of their most recent innovations include LED backlit monitors and monitors with HD TV. Monitor specifications have also improved with low response times and higher resolutions.

Models of LG LCD Monitors

The M2280D-PU computer LCD monitor is a 22 inch LED backlight monitor which comes with a built in DTV tuner for watching HD TV and a convenient USB port that enables the monitor to play media files by itself. The LED backlight produces vibrant contrasts in color and also allows it to be manufactured in an ultra slim screen. The slim screen complements a modern look which will look great on any desktop. There is a "Dual Web" feature which can divide the screen in two so multiple windows can be viewed at the same time. The "Auto Bright" function senses the light in the room and then automatically adjusts the back light to give the best view of its 1920 x 1080 pixels which facilitate the viewing of full HD graphics and video.

Credit to Alan D

The W2486L Mega Contrast LG monitor has a 24 inch LCD screen. This model uses the latest LED backlight technology to produce more energy efficiency and color accuracy. They have very stylish modern designs with special colors infused into the plastic which is called "Color Infusion". The effect is very impressive and results in a futuristic design. The HD 1080p display is ideal for HD graphics and movies. Some of its special functions are "Auto Bright", "Live Sensor"' and "Cinema Mode".

The W2286L Mega Contrast also uses the LED backlight screen technology with similar specifications to the W2486L; however it comes in a smaller 22 inch LCD screen. The small screen makes it more economical than its big brother while still having the same HD graphics and video display qualities. It also includes the "Smart Package" functions.

3D Experience

The W 2363D-PF, LG monitors are ready to bring the world of 3D viewing to the desk top. This monitor is able to deliver 3D viewing thanks to its 120hz refresh rate. LG has made this model to be compatible with some of the newest 3D technologies. The extremely fast 3 millisecond response time and full HD 1080p make it suitable for displaying HD graphics and video. There is a handy HDMI input and a USB 2.0 slot for plug and play. This model has a more basic and traditional design compared to the futuristic LG W series. This is the ideal LG monitor for someone looking to the future of 3D viewing.