The Acne Treatments You Haven't Used Before

Non Conventional Options

When you wake up with an acne breakout, the feeling can be both embarrassing and frustrating. Some people will continually use the same treatments without ever seeing results and are constantly being offered similar solutions that just do not do the trick for them. If you have tried a lot of acne solutions to no avail, try some of these less conventional acne treatments:

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1. Put a clean towel on your pillow so your face stays clean. 
Some people believe that your face will stay cleaner if you sleep with your face touching a towel instead of a pillowcase, since a towel can absorb the sweat better. Although it seems silly, some people have indicated that this is in fact an effective method.

2. Try to not use hair products, especially before bed.
Sometimes, your hair products can seep onto your face. This can be very bad for your skin, especially at night when you might not realize it is happening. Ensure you remove your hair products thoroughly so none of it will drip down and cause blemishes.

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3. Change your diet so your body is more immune to acne.
Avoid sweets and oily foods, and try eating foods that are rich in probiotics, prebiotics and B vitamins. A diet which is healthy and protects your immune system is crucial to clearer skin. Many people say that chocolate bars and other junk food can be a contributor to some people's skin blemishes and acne breakouts.

4. Restore your pH balance with apple cider vinegar or another restoring agent for PH balance.
Many people believe that bad skin sufferers have a pH balance issue. To mitigate this, use natural apple cider vinegar, so you can get your skin's balance back in check.

5. Take supplements to regulate your hormones.
For males, this includes taking a saw palmetto supplement. Other supplements are recommended for women.

6. Avoid perfumes with heavy fragrances.
These overly fragrant perfumes that contain lots of chemicals could potentially be ruining your skin.

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7. To obtain enough vitamin D, get more sun.
Sitting in the sun is a great way to heal your skin. When the sun is out, soak in the rays for a short time and prepare to heal your skin. Do not spend too much time in the sun, however, so that your skin does not burn and you are not exposed to too many harmful ultra-violet rays.

8. Get regular exercise.
It is always important for your health to get regular exercise and stay in shape. However, exercise helps reduce stress, which is a big reason why many people get acne in the first place. By working up a sweat at the gym, you might be able to mitigate your acne problems more effectively.

Hopefully, you have learned quite a bit from these suggestions regarding how to get rid of your acne in a less traditional or conventional way. It's important to remember that not every acne treatment is suitable for everyone, so it's critical to try alternate solutions if everything you've tried for your acne has been unsuccessful. Apply this article's advice, and you will be on your way to eliminating your acne problems and moving on with your new acne free life.