Are you looking for an innovative walk in bathtub for seniors or handicapped family members? A bathtub is one of the most luxurious accents found in a bathroom. Can you imagine coming home from a hard day at work and just relaxing by soaking in a bathtub with soft music? This article will provide you the basic information you need to start researching the different types of walk in bathtubs for seniors and handicapped people.

What is a Walk in Bathtub for a Senior and Handicapped?

You might have heard in passing about walk in bathtubs for senior citizens and handicapped individuals. These types of bathtubs are actually very similar to normal bathtubs. The biggest difference is that handicapped showers possess a more innovative walk in method.

What are Walk in Bathtubs?

Walk in baths are basically bathtubs without steps from inside or outside. You don't need to step up or step into these units and can enter from simply opening a door and walking in. The door might open inward or outward. The bathtub's door is just a few inches from the floor, low enough so that anyone can easily walk in and out. The doors are watertight and are completely capable of blocking water from leaking out. Features of these special tubs often include arrangement for seating and easily accessible faucet knobs. Many also contain hand held shower and jets fixed on the tub walls. Depending on where an individual sits on a seat, seating may need to be adjusted to improve soaking comfort.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Walk in Bathtub

Walk in baths usually already have built in all those amenities that senior citizens and handicapped individuals might need. But you should still check a few specifics to ensure the walk in bathtub meets their needs. The outward swing doors offer an easier way to walk in and come out. In general, the inward swing doors are known to be more watertight than the outward swing doors. Another item to consider while purchasing the walk in bathtubs for elderly handicapped is its seat. The seat ideally needs to be higher than a regular seat. The raised seats ensures a safer transfer of an individual from wheelchair to bathtub and vice versa. The fixtures and knobs must also be well accessible from the seat. Always be sure to sit and test these features yourself prior to purchasing a new walk in bathtub unit.