This collection of martial arts trick videos comes from KJER, a Dutch martial artist who does a great job of breaking down each of these tricks to its elements. These tutorials are a how-to on sticking some of the coolest jumping, turning, twisting techniques on the planet.

If you do attempt these jumping, twisting kicks, please use caution and some common sense. Training in any martial art without an instructor to guide you could get you seriously hurt, especially when you’re flipping over your head and contorting in strange and twisted ways over concrete. Please be responsible

540 Spin Kick

Yes, this kick is 540 degrees of bending twisting kicking cool. The 540 is really a trick of the eye. You’re essentially only turning 360 degrees but with a lot of torque, twisting limbs and flow. This is definitely not a martial arts technique that I would suggest using in a real life self-defense situation, but it looks really, really cool!

Side Flip

Another kick intended more for style than function, this Side Flip is basically a sideways summersault. It is much harder than it looks, especially coming from a somewhat planted position.

KJER gets amazing air on this! In slow motion it looks like he just flies off his toes!


I love this technique! While this kick is not something that I would suggest in sparring match, when done as masterfully as KJER pulls it off, it looks incredible.

Butterfly Kick

This kick is actually a little more functional than most of the other martial arts tricks in this article. It also looks much easier, but looks can be deceiving.

The butterfly twist doesn't require you to jump over your head, but it does require you to torque over your body while holding your torso and head parallel to the ground. That's where the danger comes in. Once you commit to this kick, you can't back out. If you do, the laws of physics will take over and you will torque directly into the ground head first.

Backside 900

Does this man respond to gravity?

Of all of the techniques in this collection of martial arts tricks videos, the Backside 900 is probably the most functional in a sparring match for an advanced martial artist. To use it effectively not only will you need some real flexibility through your hips, but you'll also have to rely on a really good sense of distance and timing.