Many Counties in Nevada have legalized prostitution but in the County where Las Vegas is located prostitution is illegal. Many people believe falsely that prostitution is legal in LV. Although prostitution is not legal in Vegas it is still very easy to come by.

If you are to ever hire a prostitute for her services then you should stick to one of the legal brothels because in LV people are constantly arrested and the disease rate among illegal street hooks is abhorrently high. In august of 2012 LV law enforcement conducted a prostitution sting and arrested 144 people throughout the United States. All of the arrests were directly related to prostitution charges in LV.

Mayme Stocker

Most of the time when we read about the history of LV it all centers around men and the accomplishments of those men. Male gangsters, male gamblers, male criminals, male police, male missionaries, male Indians, etc. One often underreported story is the story of Mayme Stocker. Mayme Stocker is best known for becoming the first person to get a gaming license in the LV. Yes, the very first person to ever have a license for a legal casino in LV was a woman named Mayme Stocker. How cool is that? There was actually another person on the gaming license also who was a male but Mayme Stocker gets full credit.


In the Las Vegas area there are 651 women raped for every 100,000 people. Rape is very common in Las Vegas and experts predict that most rape cases go unreported.


1,597! That is how many sex offenders are registered in LV as of the day I wrote this. Regardless of where you live in LV there will tend to be a sexual predator living nearby. Some areas absolutely horrible with dangerous sex predators living at seemingly every house in a block and other neighborhoods are much safer with few to no violent sex predators.

LV Lap Dances

One of the most insane but true things is that in LV a dancer cannot touch you while giving you a lap dance at a strip club. This sucks for patrons of adult entertainment places but fortunately many of the strip joints are actually outside of the City of Las Vegas and do not have the same rules. If you do get intoxicated and end up at a club within the city limits you may still get some contact because the law is not always strictly enforced.

What contact have you had with LV dancers? Just kidding, but seriously, the next time you visit Las Vegas keep your eyes open for odd and strange things. The town of Las Vegas has stuff that is considered normal there that would not be acceptable in other Cities.

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