Beach Body came out with an extreme program named Insanity around April of 2009 - and the exercise world hasn't been the same. Insanity pushes the body to the limit and helps you lose weight at the same time, maintaining muscle. That is why they have cardio as well as strength training. I have been doing this program since it has been out, but only once or twice a week. I don't need to lose weight, but I want to be in shape.

However, I personally know of people that lost weight by using different Insanity Workout Tips. I myself has seen my muscles in my arms get more cut and like I said before, I don't do it every day. So I do know it works - it really depends on the time you invest in it.

There are some things that I do where I consider it an "add on" to the Insanity program. For an example, I don't believe the DVDs ever suggest what type of clothing one should wear. For me, I've found that wearing loose shorts with a t-shirt helps me exercise better - as well as wearing good tennis shoes. I've seen people exercise in blue jeans - not sure why they wouldn't wear shorts, but the less clothes the better since it doesn't restrict your movements.

Another thing that has helped me is to take a break when I feel tired. Even though I am used to the Max Interval Program, which lasts for an hour, I still get tired and sit out a 30 or 45 second exercise. This will help me get my energy back and to move on. Shawn T., the instructor in the Insanity series, mentions this - and he is absolutely correct. When you are tired, you begin to lose your form of the exercise, and form is very important. It is even suggested that if you have to go slow in order to keep the correct form, then that is better than trying to keep up with Shawn T. and lose the form of the exercise.

The final tip is to stay focus. It's very easy for your mind to drift away when doing exercises, but when you focus, you are trying to engage the muscle group that you are exercising. Especially with strength training, you REALLY need to focus. You need to hit the muscles that need to be worked on and it will not help if your mind is somewhere else. So in the end - focus on what Shawn T. is saying as well as the exercises - just don't go through the motions.

There are many more tips and a lot more things you can do to modify the Insanity Workout Program. In the coming weeks, I'll be sending more tips out in order to help out anyone that is interested in this exercise program.

One last thing: I will have to put a disclaimer here. In any modification of the Insanity program in how to do things better - please be sure to consult with your doctor first.