Acceptance, insecurities and self-doubt

Insecurity and respect

Self doubt

I don't know why it is we all feel insecure from time to time. Perhaps its the want to feel accepted and respected by others. It seems people only give respect when it is earned. How does one earn respect? Is respect even something that should be earned? I've heard it from childhood “If you want respect, you must earn it.” Many will agree with that statement, but I believe in the opposite. Respect should be an automatic reflex. Is perhaps the “earning” of respect, drawing an even bigger wedge between social classes? If one has to earn respect, what is the measure for respect? Obviously the problem is that we all have different standards to what “earns” respect. The value for respect these days, are unknown and can be anything. Some people respect those with money and material wealth, others respect for moral values. Many of us, without ourselves even knowing, go in search of respect, in the hopes we are accepted among peers. But what happens when we don't find the respect we were searching for? It leads to insecurities and self-doubt, resulting in some people not speaking their minds just so they are not criticized by others.

With the onset and popularity of online social media, we are all encouraged to have and voice our opinions. Nothing wrong with freedom of expression, but what of the “trolls” and the menaces that comment on strangers with such negative tenacity, which often leaves the person with the original opinion feeling insecure and with low self-esteem.


I tend to doubt myself, especially when it comes to writing. These are thoughts in my head, which I would like to share with the world, but I sometimes wonder how some of the world will react. Will my insecurities get the better of me? Or do I brave it and accept that the world will always hold alternative opinions to me, my understandings and what I do? We have become so impatient, only interested in results that we forget that it is the journey that teaches us, not the answer.

Self doubt

The things I write are my observations and opinions, they may not ring true with you, but this is my journey, my lesson and writing helps me understand and often puts things into perspective. Its the lessons I learn on this journey that I like to share, and perhaps with my sharing, someone else may gain insight or a  new perspective. Life is a journey, a journey of self-discovery and discovery of truth.  There are sign posts along the way guiding us, pointing us to truth. It is these sign posts I am interested in. We don't know anything, but I'm sure we should be seeking truth, otherwise what is the point of life? Working? Earning money? No, there is no truth in money. We shouldn't be obsessed with the answers, for what good is an answer if you don't have the right questions? Insecurities and self-doubt will surely prevent us from finding the truth. We should know ourselves well enough to be strong individuals, knowing that we each have a path to tread, but we should also be mindful enough to know that we are all connected and we ALL automatically deserve respect, but to maintain that respect, is indeed up to the individual. Respect does not cost a thing, so why make someone earn your respect? My respect costs nothing, but my trust is something that will need to be earned.