As a dog and cat owner, I can tell you just how messy and expensive it can get when it comes to feeding the cat and keeping the dog out of it.

Cats love to graze, which means, they have a nibble here and a nibble there and have a nap in between and don’t like being rushed or watched.Inside cat doorCredit:

Enter the dog!  Dogs, well at least my dog, will eat her food as soon as it hits the bowl, walks around chewing it and dropping it, and snarls at the cat if it even walks near the dog bowl.  Within minutes the dinner is gone, and the dog carries on with her day!

Dogs Are Seriously Attracted to Cat Food!

At least our dog is!  Cat food especially the kibble is too rich for dogs, but they can’t resist.  So if I am not watching, in comes Sasha and with one swipe steals all the cat kibble and leaves a sloppy mess that has the cat hissing and pulling back totally appalled at the event and the state of her dish.

Next thing you know, Sasha is barfing because it didn’t digest, and this is just with the cat food!  The kitty litter is another story, as for whatever reasons, dogs, especially my dog, loves to go shopping for snacks, which is gross.  This creates a litter mess and I am in constant clean up mode or giving the dog mint chews for her disgusting breath!

Inside Cat DoorCredit:
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Inside Cat Door

As I researched ways to get creative with separating the cat and the dog food eating stations (although I must admit my cat has never tried to steal the dog food), I came across these inside cat doors.

They are only designed to fit interior doors, but this can totally make a difference in the peace and harmony of the fur babies in your home and less stress for you.

Interior Cat Door with Grooming Brushes

I love the idea of this one.  They are designed to fit inside doors, and if you find a room or closet or cabinet that would work to keep the food and the litter box in, or just one or the other, the dog will not be able to get in.  But of course you need to keep the door closed at all times for this to work.

It would be perfect on a closet door that you only open once in a while to put your coat away or even the laundry room or a cabinet door?

You need to figure out which interior door you can keep shut even if it is only for the time you are at work, and then there are many different styles.  This particular one grooms them as they enter and leave, you may find your cat going in and out of this door just to feel the brush.

If your cat doesn’t like to be brushed, this one will not work; you would then need a simple one.

Inside cat doorCredit:

Kitty Pass with Cute Trim

No reason this inside cat door has to look horrid.  This one has kitty ears on the trim, and will work for cats up to 20 pounds!  (Mine is 15 pounds and I am sure will drive the dog nuts when it is first installed running in and out of it.)

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Train a Timid Cat to Use the Door

I was also researching on ways to entice a timid kitty to actually use this little door, and it was suggested that you get treats that they really love, and place on in front of the doorway and then one just inside.  Cats are very curious, and I am sure if left to her own devices, my cat would eventually give it a try.

Maybe start with the food in there, so that they don’t have any accidents when the litter box is moved.  Get them used to going in and out of there.  Once they do they will probably try and get the dog by sticking a paw out just to annoy them and have fun, but eventually will settle into the fact that this is their own personal space for feeding or littering.

Two Ways Locking Pet Door

This particular model fits on inside doors like the other ones, but you can also make the decision to lock it or not.  This one fits kitties up to 15 pounds, which would be a tight squeeze for my 16 pound cat, but would work for smaller kitties.

This idea works best for pet owners where the dog is too big to fit through these doors, such as my dog at 65 pounds.

There are many different models on the market.  I was not even aware of these, as I thought pet doors were to let animals in and out to the outside, but these inside cat doors make perfect sense for separating your cats from the dogs’ world, or to simply keep their food and litter out of the main part of the house.

Kitty Privacy

Most cats, do not like to eat or do their business in a busy traffic area, they like to be calm and quiet and not eat on the run like many dogs do.

So once you have picked the perfect cabinet door, or room door, there are a few options for the right style, but they are such a good idea.  A friend of mine had placed a chain on her closet door that kept it open about 8 inches enough for the cat to get through but not the dog, but her dog started pushing the door closed which locked the cat inside! 

These cat doors for interior doors are perfect for while you are away at work, so no arguments between the pets when it comes to eating and litter boxes.  Whatever it takes to keep peace and harmony in my house!