At this very moment, there are literally hundreds of thousands of eBay bidders with extra money in their Paypal accounts searching for something to buy.

You need fast cash. They have the money and the desire to spend it.

Here are a few simple, but very important, guidelines for getting people to buy your items, and pay you, right now!

* Always SEARCH BEFORE YOU LIST. Knowledge is the key to a successful quick sale. You must know how many other people are selling the same item, and what they're actually getting for it. (Not what they "hope" to get for it.) Make liberal use of the completed listings feature. Better yet, sign up for the "Marketplace Research" feature and search two months of completed listings.

* You must list an item that is in demand. If your goal is to make a quick sale, it has to be something that is absolutely, positively in demand. You can determine this by searching the completed listings. Look for actual SOLD prices, not starting prices. Throwing grandma's old socks up with a low "buy-it-now" price isn't going to work. You've got to find an item or category of items that is in demand now. Unique items can also be in demand, but if the item is unique and in demand you will probably do better with a standard seven day auction (you may cheat yourself out of some cash by selling this type of item too quickly.)

* Take stock of what you have. When you need quick cash, think: What do I have that I can easily sell and buy back again later? Before selling that family heirloom, sell common items and items that go down in value the longer you own them (electronics, cars, CD's and DVD's, books, etc., etc.)

* Sound motivated, but not desperate. Don't be afraid to personalize the listing by telling about yourself and stating a goal for the money. You can say something like, "I need to pay a $200 doctor's bill by next week, will you help?" People like to help. But don't sound desperate. Say something like, "Instead of borrowing from my credit card, I've decided to part with a few items at well below retail to raise the money."

* Price your item at twenty percent, or more, below the going rate. If you're hoping to make a quick sale, this is very important. Taking less now is sometimes better than getting more later. Paying overdraw fees, interest and the stress of being behind is worse than selling an item too cheaply.

* Offer A Buy-It-Now Incentive. In your listing, clearly state that if the person's clicks on buy-it-now, you will throw in free shipping, or an extra item, or will have the item in the mail immediately. Give powerful incentives to the buyer to act immediately.

* Use the "Immediate Payment Required For Buy-It-Now" option. This probably goes without saying, but be sure and click the box on the seller form that requires the buyer to pay immediately via Paypal if they use buy-it-now. If the person really wants the item, they'll find the money.

In the short time you've read this post, a few hundred items have sold "buy-it-now" on eBay. The cash is there, waiting for you to act. Sell it now!