With some homework and planning you can throw a great mini festival for reasonable prices. Plan a list the decorations you would like to have for your party, such as streamers or confetti, cakes, ice cream, balloons, etc. Decide next whether you want to serve hot foods and potentially the number of people whom you will serve. You will want to add up the cost of foods and decorations separately for your budgeting.

Provided it is within your budget, there are tons of services that you can rent from party rental facilities, including food services and cleanup. When cost is a consideration, you may try party supply wholesalers online where you can cut out the middle man and get more bang for the buck. Certain items like salad, pastas and Kool-aid are quick money savers. You can buy food in bulk to save money and time.

Are you looking to rent the huge air-blown bouncy slides or Jumpers? If the only rental supplies stores around you have prices that are sky-high, start looking online. You would be surprised at what you can run across. Quite often, the very same rental items can be found and bought outright at cheaper prices direct, or even used, such as jumpers, karaoke machines, strobe lights, and costumes.

If you don't have enough room in your home to throw the event, most areas have neighborhood community centers that can be rented much cheaper than a party hall or clubhouse. If you live in an apartment complex many complexes have community rooms open to the residents at no cost if you are a tenant there. Renting a large party hall can put a huge strain on the funds, but you will find that you probably already have friends or relatives who live in areas that have free facilities for residents – including pools.

Need musicians or a DJ? There are many ways to hire out one affordably. Check out party supply stores for business cards of local musicians. Check your local classifieds for musicians for hire. If the prices are too exorbitant, then you might try putting out a free ad for what you are looking for in a band or DJ, and outlining what you are willing to pay. Considering the economy at present, you may be quite surprised at the response you get! If you don't really need a professional musician or band playing at your event, you can post your ad at a college campus.

Price shopping and party planning on your own can make for a very rewarding event; however you can reap even bigger rewards by collaborating with other parents or potential guests of your event. You can save even bigger by brainstorming with other people whom may already have some of the items you might otherwise have to shop for. Decorating is much more manageable with a small group helping to put everything in place, plus this enables you to manage more than being stuck in a corner. The more people helping, the more access you will have to equipment such as ladders or extensions cords, dishes, lighting, etc. When it comes to party planning, two or more heads are better than one.